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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Disneychildwithin, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Okay, so of course like my family always does, we've waited to the last minute to decide we'd like to go somewhere. I've always wanted to visit the Falls so that's what we'll be doing in the next several days. No clue on lodging or must do/see activities there, anybody have some recommendations?
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    Definitely go over the falls in a barrel! Great fun, and if you bring soap, you'll just need a place to sleep, no need to worry about shower facilities. :D

    I hope you guys have a great time and get some real advice, haha. I stopped at the Falls once many years ago, in the dead of winter, so even my legit tip of "get a hot buttered rum at the place on the overlook" will do you no good.
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    Haha, I was getting ready to jot down notes Ann!

    Will be heading over to my sister in laws for the 4th and do a bunch of googling there for sure.
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    Maybe check with @imp?
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    Lucy, check into the multi-activity passes, as you can save on the total price if you are planning to do multiple activities. I would recommend staying on the Canadian side of the Falls, as the hotel views tend to be nicer. I tell my Canadian friends that it I because the American part of the Falls is nicer than the Canadian part. .

    You definitely have to ride the "Maid of the Mist". They have the boat ride on both the American side and the Canadian side, so it doesn't matter which side you start on.

    The Canadian side seems to have more activities as well.

    They also have fireworks about 3 times a week, so you want to check on the dates of fireworks.

    Have a great time. Niagara Falls is beautiful. If your family likes wine, you can check out Niagara on the Lake area, as there are some nice wineries there, and the area is famous for ice wine.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    We took the boys in 2014. Jack was 7 and Von was 13. They both had fun. Clifton Hill is the street with all the fun houses, wax museums, souvenir shops, restaurants, putt-putt, etc. - a must with kids.

    Hornblower cruises take you into the falls (on the Canadian side) - Maid of the Mist (NY side).

    We saw some nice gardens - not really fun for the kids - but they did like the butterfly conservatory.

    I think we stayed at the Ramada Inn Fallsview. Quick walk to Clifton Hill and the falls.
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    Hello, friend-who-is-definitely-not-my-enemy. Niagara Falls is a nice place, and just down the road from my house. Why don't you be a pal and tell me where you're staying? I'd be happy to personally help you use your imagination when it comes to vacation ideas...

  8. Disneychildwithin

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    Hiya Brian!! I have your address so expect us to show up on your steps any one of these days. Me, hubby and my 3 youngest, suitcases and all :)
    Haha, can you imagine! lol

    Still researching so nothing is set. Do you recommend seeing the cave of the winds? I see these half day boat/cave tours, but we're looking at about $100 per person, is that right? The Skylon Tower looks awesome, I read there's a restaurant?

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