Routine Pin Trading in DL or DCA?

Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by Arendelle, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Being new to these parks and much more familiar with WDW I must ask if there is standard days/times that people come and trade at either DL or DCA and if they are really traders or if they tend to be sharks (as is often the case at Epcot - at Epcot, they even will often have fake pins!! So frustrating!!). Anyway, I'm hoping to meet people and trade and wondered what the routines and locations were here on the West Coast. Would someone like to enlighten me?
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    Hey! :D

    In the Grand Californian Hotel there's pin trading everyday in the lobby at 4:15. The CMs will bring out a large board, and there are usually a good handful of traders there.

    People will also meet on Sundays around the afternoon to trade at the tables near Goofy's Sky School.

    A word to the wise:
    I'd he very careful who you trade with! I have seen a few sharks, I hope this help. ^_^

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