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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by timeerkat, Jan 3, 2018.

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    In light of no DLR runDisney events for the next few years, Disney has created a Star Wars Light Side Virtual Run open to everyone, and a virtual Kessel Run option for those going to WDW for the Dark Side run.

    Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon | Official Site | runDisney

    Eeeehhh...On one hand, this is good for those who had signed up for Dark Side intending to Kessel Run this year, and it's good for those who wanted to come to DLR to do the race but financially or time-wise couldn't make the trip. But on the other hand, $60 for one virtual race is....quite high (especially considering their Pluto series last year was something like $30/$35 per race - still high for a virtual race but reasonable for a Disney run). And a lot of the appeal for the Star Wars run for me was doing the event at the parks for my birthday weekend. I enjoy Star Wars, but am not such a big fan that I'd throw down hundreds of dollars for the race if it weren't connected to my birthday, TBQH.

    My one worry, that I hope will be clarified soon, is if Light Side legacy status runners will need to sign up for this virtual run to maintain our legacy status. I would prefer not to do this if it's not needed, but I don't want to risk losing my status if I don't.
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    I agree it is an expensive virtual race compared to the other races I have been looking at to sign up to fill in the runDisney gap years. I did sign up as my 2 friends who bailed on me for the 2017 Kessel Run wants their medal and are again dragging me into this.

    About Legacy Status I am reading a lot of things on the internet but nothing directly from runDisney themselves. Since they have addressed the gap years I am hoping they will be more forthcoming with answering questions. (I getting a million different answers at the last 2 races at Disneyland about feature sign-ups). I will reach out via social media to ask this question to them and see if I get a response.
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    Thanks! I also asked in response to their Facebook post about it; let's see if either of us get an answer.
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    I kind of like the idea of a virtual half-marathon. It allows/encourages everyone to participate, including those who may not live close enough to a Disney park or have the ability to get to one when one is scheduled. Plus, by allowing the participants to choose their own running tracks, the excuses not to be able to participate narrow down to exactly ... zero. People always can find a running surface and find time to run each day. It just comes down to whether one can afford it ... and of course, whether one *wants* to do it.

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