Scrappers Vs. Counterfiets (and how to tell)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Great post
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    Great post! Very informative. :)
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    as a cast member at DLR, with the amount of trading that goes on, espically working in stores it's impossible for us to be aware of counterfit pins. I would say over half of cm's who wear lanyards aren't even aware of everything involved in pins. We wear them for fun. If you know the pin you're looking for, cm's have no problem tag the pin off for inspection. As much as you think it would make sense for us to be educated on pins, it's just not realistic. When we start our shifts, it's up to us if we want a lanyard or not. When I do wear one, I'll usuly refresh it myself. As I said before, most cm's will just grab the first lanyard in the drawer, only counting the pins to make sure there are 12. It's really just a giant case of, trader beware...or just be aware.
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    I think it is totally understandable that Cast Members do not have a lot of pin knowledge. They are not hired to trade pins, they are hired to preform their various duties. Pin trading is just an option for them to help the day pass. It is not a requirement for their job. If they were required to wear lanyards I could see instilling more knowledge base but because it is just a side thing for them I do not see investing a lot of time or money in educating them from a corporate stand point. (at least it is not required at DLR)
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    Excellent post Dan! I'm getting up to speed on this subject, thanks to posts like yours.

    Happy collecting,
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    This is the first time I've read this post and I must say thank you so much, Dan! Thanks to the others who contributed more info to this thread as well. I'm relatively new to the hobby and found this very educational. Especially the photo example! We really do need a site or resource of some kind dedicated to educating everyone of the differences in all that is out there. It will make everyone much more aware and (hopefully) strengthen the hobby.

    I definitely feel like a more informed collector. Keep up the good work! :bigthumb:

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    Great job to all who contributed to this thread. Very important information for us newbies. Now I at least know what to look for.
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    I have a newbie question: Do the scrapper/counterfeit pins ever come with a backing?
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    I learned something new today, thanks to you, Dan. I wish it was as easy to identify older counterfits. Any tips?
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    According to the counterfeit Masterpiece pictures that we saw(they may still be on Dizpins), they came with an authentic Disney Auctions backer card.
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    Wow, really? Damn, they are counterfeiting the backers too. :mad:
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    this thread really helped me :) thank you
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    If Disney cared more for the collectors than there profits they could put a stop to the scrapers. all they have to do is insist on all the pins and destroy the over run. Disney who provides the lanyards and pins for the employees to trade should rotate the lanyards used . gather them up and inspect them . you know they do it to everything else in the park. i enjoy the hunt for pins and lanyards. i likes what i likes. but i feel bad when i go to trade with someone and they are let down that its a scraper. i feel bad for them and me and there are just to many pins out there for me to even start to know what every one should look like.
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    Thanks for taking the time to write about this! Much appreciated!
  15. iamdisneydan

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    Many of the higher end counterfeits are now coming with backer cards. Unlike the pins, the backer cards may as well be the real thing. They are really nice although, I did find a mispelling on one so for now, thats all I know to look for.
    Very disheartening..... :-(
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    I looked at the fake pins photo you had up. but that is for the cut out mickey back... other than a light pin or just feels strange.. I cant find any other info... sometimes i see front photos of pins they have made fakes. but that is real pins of same things.. so im still hopeing to find a more better BACK OF THE PIN veiw to understand what to look for NON CUT OUT MICKEY PINS. normal backing kind.. need info how to tell if fake.​
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    Great info! When we get a scrapper/countfeit from a CM, I take my boys to the guest services of the park where we trade it there for any "real" pin out of the book, and make sure guest services knows what their getting. This way, the boys don't feel taken advantage of, it (hopefully) gets a scrapper off "the street," and the boys learn something about honesty as well. I still remember two trips ago when my (then 9 year old) older one found a LE 300 badge pin and was jumping for joy. Only when we got back to the hotel and checked on Pinpics that we realized it was too good to be true (of course). At least we now have a plan of action!
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    Thank you for this informative post Dan! Though I've been pin trading for 5 years, I am just now getting to where I can recognize scrappers or fake pins...I certainly never want to trade them to anyone else.

    Awesome post! :)
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    I've seen traders at Epcot check the back of pins for nubs, those small pins either side of the main pin, and rejecting them if they don't have them. Can you comment on whether they are fake or real - ie which one have nubs and which don't?

    Maybe Pinpics can add a category to say if nub(s) were present on the original?
  20. Roxane

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    The whole nub thing is too random. Some pins were originally released by Disney with one nub (the Donald Rubber Duck HMs for example) that were later released with 2. The lollypop pins had fakes with 1 nub, but they later started making them with 2 nubs to match the authentic pin.
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    I'm pretty new at this...can someone please explain what the hologram is that is discussed often? Where would you find the hologram and is it on all Disney pins or only those in recent years?

  22. Mom of the trading kids

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    I know I am responding to an old post...
    I am SO glad I read this! I got an education! My oldest is 19. She started trading at WDW when she was 11. She loved it then and still loves it. Her little sisters, twins, started then too but they were only 5. Since that time they have traded pins at WDW, DLRP, DL and Hong Kong Disney. For us pin trading is fun! I can still remember the time one of the kids got a pin of Jasmine's castle from Aladdin. It was a magical moment. Another time, one of the twins was wearing a newly acquired pin of Boo. The man at the pin trading board in DLRP told her it was very special. She hasn't taken it off her lanyard since that time 3 years ago.
    After reading Dan's great explantion, I was tempted to pull out their pin collection and check the back of every single pin. But do I really want to know if our treasured and personal pins are real or fake? No. Those are pins the kids will keep forever. BUT...We are headed to DLRP tomorrow night and the girls have already set aside the pins they want to trade. I did check out the backs of those pins and about half are fake! :( We pulled those out and won't pollute the pin trading world with those pins! Most of the time we trade pins that we buy at the park using our annual pass 20% discount. The kids have had a quick lesson on real and fake pins and they are ready to go!
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    Hello, I am new to the forum and still definitely a newbie to the pin collecting community.

    I would like to ask one question in regards to counterfeit vinylmation pins. I also apologize in advanced if this has been answered and I just missed it, as I said I am a newb.

    I bought the Star Wars Vinylmation pin Set in the stores, and two of them (Chewie and Han) look just like the left counterfeit with the border in the picture in the initial post. Is there anyway to explain why pins i got directly from a park store would have the counterfeit border?
  24. halloweenfiend

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    First, if you bought them directly from Disney - they are authentic. If they do have the borders, that is a manufacturing issue and I believe they (the manufacturer) got into some trouble with Disney about the quality - (someone correct me if I heard wrong). :)
  25. IrishAmerican

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    Well that answers that! Thanks!

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