Scrappers Vs. Counterfiets (and how to tell)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I just started a collection for my kids. This thread has helped, although I still can't tell if some of them are scrappers. I've decided to jettison this as any serious hobby. But when I trade or let my kids trade, I'll be looking closely. Unfortunately for them, they aren't old enough to understand so I'll probably have to let a few slide. It's terrible because the kids are the unwitting victims.
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    I've been enlightened; thank you! I've gone through my collection and I've definitely unknowingly traded and bought scrappers/counterfeits before. Like many others have said, it's quite hard to tell a real from a fake when the backing is the flat one. I had two of the Hidden Mickey Aurora flower pins and both looked quite nice to me although obviously one was not legit.
  3. Mupghle

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    So a question! I've recently come across three pins from the 10th Pin Trading promo:
    Pin 73012: WDW - WDW 10th Pin Trading Anniversary Promotion - Pluto
    Pin 74973: DLR - Promotion - Disney Pin Trading 10th Anniversary - Dale
    Pin 73019: WDW - WDW 10th Pin Trading Anniversary Promotion - Goofy

    And at first I thought they were real but after looking at pin pics I'm quite sure they're not. The strange thing is the backs have the mickey ears and there are no boarders. They look like they are punched out of a sheet of metal. I've gone through most of my collection at this point and I have a dozen pins or so I'm just not sure about because some of the fakes look so good!
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    Wow, I did not know this! That makes sense, I have 2 of the same pin of maleficent and she is more pink in one of them than she is in the other. So would that make that a scrapper than? Here is the pin[​IMG]
    now I have one that looks exactly like this one and one that is more pink. Would the pink one be a scrapper than? BTW this is not my pin, just a picture from another site that I am using at this time to use as an example.
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    Very helpful thanks
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    Thank you for this post! I am brand new at this and have seen all the same "great" deals on EBay but didn't bid on anything because it seemed too good to be true and now I know it was. I had no idea how to tell between a real or fake.. thank you so much for the info!
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    I am a fairly newer trader/collector and I've seen tons of pins on eBay for sale in bulk packs. I was a little discouraged after reading this and went straight to my pins to look. Now, all of the hidden Mickey pins I have do NOT have Mickey ears stamped on the back. I KNOW one of them is definitely legit as I traded with a cast member in a suit at the CR. he had just gotten it that morning (from Disney) and it was a 2012 sleeping character.....Mickey to be exact. Also, I have a vault series pin #82196. I bought it in the park, it came in a box, is a limited edition and it has the border around it on the back. I know this pin was never traded. I bought it at the animal kingdom from a kiosk. The border on the stamped Mickey back is not raised, just the stamped mickeys don't reach the end. These two scenarios I'm pointing out on legit pins I have are making it hard for me to spot a fake.
  8. 318sugarhill

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    Same goes for a radiator springs racers pin I got at Carsland. It has the Mickeys on the back, but there is a border on the back. I bought this in cars land in June of this year.. No eBay, no trading. Just looking for help. I'd hate to find out my prized mystery key pwp set had a fake in it
  9. coupleofdorks

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    Oh wow I learned a lot from reading all of these! Thank you!
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    Thanks for the info! I learned the hard way that CMs have scrappers on their lanyards when we traded pins from our starter lanyard. I feel much more informed for next time but I'm worried that my kids (8, 5, and 2) will want pins they see with characters they like no matter what. :( I was on another forum where people were talking about buying huge lots for cheap on ebay and then trading them all in the parks. :facepalm: It makes me nervous to trade with CMs but we are definitely nowhere near "cool enough" to trade with the other collectors because we are just starting out.
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    I am in the same boat. I had no idea what scrappers were until coming back from my last trip and discovering some of the pins I traded with CMs and on pin boards were scrappers.

    I don't have any children so it will be just me trading but now know what to look for when trading and how to mostly avoid getting scrappers.
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    Ditto, bleuorchid21. My husband and I recently started trading for the villain bowling pins, and we looked at them more closely after I read the first post on this thread. Most of the ones we had gathered were not "genuine" or whatever you want to call it. I'm really shocked and appalled that so many pins from Cast Members are either counterfeit or scrappers. We've only ever traded with other guests 3 or 4 times, so the rest of what we didn't purchase at the park came from Cast Members. It would be really nice if they were better educated on keeping the scapper/counterfeit ones out of circulation.
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    Thank you for this helpful tutorial. Just like many other new collectors, I recently purchased a large lot for cheap on ebay. After reading this post, I started carefully looking over every pin in the lot. All of them are counterfeit!! :facepalm: I messaged the seller & we are working out a return & refund. I really appreciate having this resource available to save me the embarrassment of trying to trade bad pins.
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    Thanks for this post! I've never used a forum before, but posts like this make me really glad to be testing out the waters... And reading the comments was really insightful too! As a super-newb, I admit I might still cave and get an Ebay starter set of pins... (I play Magic the Gathering, and the thrill of opening an unknown "booster pack" really has me hooked) And I'll check my pins to see if any are fakes, but I traded for what I thought was cute or cool at Disneyland and I'm keeping them whether or not they're real!
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    That was a great post!

    I guess I'm lucky that I don't seem to collect pins people want to scrap.

    Yes, I did get the fake Club 33 Castle and Carousel pins, but I also have the real ones (from a member)--VERY visible differences in quality. I don't mind having the fake ones, for comparison's sake.
  16. Beanergurl

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    thanks Dan,,I just started collecting and a cast member actually pointed out that I had a "counterfit pin" I started paying attenting more to the pins i traded or bought from others. Thanks for the tips it was very helpful... :)
  17. jholden

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    Can someone post a picture of a counterfeit with a border so I can check my pins?
  18. kronos

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    Also here's a picture of a supposed official pin, with just bad quality. If this is true which I have no reason to believe it's not, then this makes things that much more difficult!


    Not my pictures, borrowed from the internet :)
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    Wow, it seems nearly impossible for me to tell the difference!
  20. mamapilly

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    Thanks for this thread. I was getting anxiety trying to figure out the difference between the terms. Now, I've also found a couple pins that I got from a CM (before I knew) that has the mouse ears going the same direction not alternating. I was calling them scrappers but now I know that the term is counterfeit. Yes, I know both are "illegal" pins but I was thinking scrappers were made from non "Disney appointed" makers. Now I know the difference but it's still crazy trying to figure out the legit from the non.
  21. jennisney

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    I am new to this forum, and also quite new to pin collecting, alot of my pins I have bought from Ebay, I dont buy them if they cost about £1 buy it now, because it's obvious that will be fake! But when I go back to university after easter i'm going to be checking all my pins from Ebay to see if they are fakes! I really hope they aren't because I love my pins haha!
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    This is very useful information, even for someone who has been trading for a while. Thank you for posting it!
  23. PinMaster13

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    I have unfortunately been trading for bad pins with cast members

    i spend good money on pins and then that happens
    i used to do it for fun but now this is a real hobby of mine and am taking all things in to learn and make myself aware of these fakes
  24. DisneyEmma

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    I am a newbie collector and I'm here to confess that I foolishly bought one of those alluring grab bag packages off ebay... got it in the mail today and I'm pretty sure I they're all either fakes or scrappers...mostly fakes. Except one! I got Tiana's shoe (wiling to trade if anyone wants it!) and it looks authentic far as I can tell... other than that I got 9 worthless pins... really sad about this, but I deserve it for buying off ebay before doing my research!! Learned my lesson... :sigh:
  25. Lyex

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    thanks, this is very helpful.

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