Scrappers Vs. Counterfiets (and how to tell)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Sublime24

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    this was very informative! thanks a lot!
    my names dan too lol
  2. MAL

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    Thanks for the article, very informative.
  3. mickeymausers

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    The scrapper issue is so frustrating! Recently returned from Disneyland and the lanyards were junkier than ever! I give my kids authentic pins to trade (and it does cost more to do so) and then they leave with a handful of fakes. From an ethical standpoint, I don't know what to do - I can't advise them to trade the pins again, because they know their fake and it would be like telling my kids it is okay to lie or cheat; still it is darn expensive to keep tossing them out! Disney needs to train their employees to spot fakes and remove them from the lanyards - they need to keep their lanyards fresh. If accepting fake/scrapper pins in trade is a corporate expense/risk that they are willing to take so they don't offend unwitting guests, fine - but passing that expense/risk on to a 9 year old kid (and other park guests) rather than eating it themselves doesn't seem very Disney like. They can afford to toss out a few scrappers - I know I certainly did! Thanks for letting me vent. Good article - keep exposing the issue!
  4. Maleficent913

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    Thank you for this! It really is a big help. I know I've been out of the pin game a while, but I don't even remember having these issues back when I started in '03! I will definitely have to be careful when trading with CM's at the park from now on!
  5. ALittleBitOfMagic

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    Very informative! Thanks, the guide helps with all the terminology.
  6. BamaBulldawg

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    I think that's the perfect solution. Let them trade for fakes but have them dispose of them periodically throughout the day. This is something disney could employ pretty easily in my opinion.
  7. kedma

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    Thanks Dan - super helpful - I appreciate you spelling things out for us new members:)
  8. NikkiW

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    Pictures of the backside of pins are so hard to find! Thank you for including those photos in your post :)
  9. avery.appleseed

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    Thank you! Going to keep this in mind when purchasing/trading pins. Especially from Ebay!
  10. Mr. Anagram

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    Thank you! Great info, but extremely discouraging for me at the same time
  11. PersinettePins

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    As someone brand new to pin collecting, this was soooo insightful! This has help dmd a lot and I all be hyper vigilant! And it's a great resource to reference if ever in an ebay dispute. You can show the ebay rep this article and pictures of your own pin (should it be a fake) to get your money back from the seller. I for one am very grateful you took the time to write it up!
  12. princesselyse

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    Thank you! I'm new to collecting, so this was extremely helpful. Now I know what to look for!
  13. swscref

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    Great post, thanks.
  14. Jessie Lights

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    Thank you for the post, Dan! I always throw away fake pins when I come across them. Sometimes I forget to look during trading, so when I eventually notice, I just toss them.
  15. Frozen_Jane

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    Just what I was looking for! Thanks
  16. KTM

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    Thanks, this is super helpful.

    WDWNATIVE87 New Member

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    Hello there, I'm new to the pin trading world! I am currently in my Disney Resort room as I type this and I am here with my son, 2 1/2 and my wife, who is pregnant with our second son, and I just wanted to say I appreciate the time you took to help inform myself and others so that we can continue this awesome hobby free of counterfeits and pass it on to our children as a wonderful hobby to enjoy together! So again I thank you and it was very helpful!
  18. Aaryana

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    Thanks for writing this. I had no idea what people meant by borders, and the photo really helped clarify.
  19. Rmmpins

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    Thank you so much. I go through all my pins very carefully.
  20. Rmmpins

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    Thanks I have lots of pins so I am always looking for good articles about authenticating pins. :)
  21. MzMarie

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    I'm glad i saw this as i recently purchased hidden mickeys from a forum member. They were part of a set. Well one is on my work lanyard. I have a Bluetooth headset and u know the earpieces are held in place with a magnet. Well i noticed that it was reacting to the pin. Later tested all 3 in that series and yes all 3 reacted. I surely was about to send a message. I decided to check the forums, remembering reading about magnets & scrappers.
  22. KT07

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    +10000000 we should make more biz cards or flyers with info. maybe we can put them on the racks in the hotels. lol
  23. Trowe87

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    Thanks :)
    I'm a complete newbie so is there anywhere i could have a look at scrappers as well? The pics on here are great and when compared to a proper pin the fakes are plainly obvious.
    Glad i didn't make any trades in DLP this time will be better prepared when i go back in November :)
  24. BriV97

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    This post has been very helpful to me as a new collector/trader I now know what to look for when trading or buying and will go home and inspect all my online purchased pins thank you!
  25. itsmeadamg

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    I'm sure this has already been said, but I have spotted several of these Counterfeit pins at Disney...also a few scrappers...and I will say that as soon as I point it out, the cast member ALWAYS puts it away and is quite upset that they were displaying it in the first place. Thank you for this great post to make newbies like me more aware!

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