Scrappers Vs. Counterfiets (and how to tell)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Thanks for the guide! It was very helpful.
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    Thanks for writing this post. Very informative.
  3. evansrle

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    How do you tell the counterfeit pins of older ones which do not have the mickey background on the back. They are just plain backs.
  4. ClassyBoxer

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    You want to check the release date and make sure it's correct. If it's a part of a hidden Mickey collection you also want to look at the number of the pin in the collection. A lot of counterfeit pins are incorrect and there are also no spaces between the stamped writing.
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    Great thread and highly useful! Thanks to all posters. Thus ends my ebay habit!
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you for the post! I am really tired of going to WDW and seeing 75% of the cast members lanyards full of scrappers. It really takes the enjoyment out of trading when you feel like you are being ripped off.
  8. KristieD

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    What if you have pins that were made before Disney
    started doing the Mickey head background proofing?
    how do you tell then?
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    There are indicators for the older pins, including but not limited to: being magnetic (for the most part, they shouldn't be, though there are some exceptions), bad detail- especially the eyes of the character(s) depicted, lack of or too much of a given color, and the general indicators for any fake pins: lightweight and/or thin metal, sharp or rough edges, misspelled words, and bad enamel fill. Again, there are more indicators than these, and if a pin meets only one of these, it isn't necessarily fake or a scrapper (there is a difference between the two also).
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    Thank you for the reply Ildar :)
    It's a shame people feel the need to
    put all of those fakes out there for us
    to have to sift through.
    It's true that the fakes can look nice
    and make a collection seem complete
    but there is just something satisfying
    about an authentically complete
    set ◠‿◠
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    Thank You for such an informative post. Now I know the difference between a counterfeit pin and a scapper pin.
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    Awesome info on this. I've always wondered the best ways to determine this. I'm glad I found this!
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    This post is so helpful. After reading this I went through my collection pin by pin to see if I had any counterfeit pins and unfortunately I did find one. It was disheartening but luckily it wasn't my favorite pin, however, I'm keeping it in my collection. It's so unfortunate that this is such a problem but it helps to know the fine line between scrappers and counterfeits.
    Unfortunately this pin came from a popular collectibles warehouse where dozens of vendors have booths open weekly. I have never had issues with them before as the pin booth owners scan their pins for authenticity before selling them. Now I have to have my eyes open even more so.
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    Thanks for posting! This was very helpful.
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    I just re-read this thread. Ty!
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    Thanks for this helpful, informative post!
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    Good info

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