Some Fantasy Pin Concept Art - Zootopia and others

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by TornadoTitan, Jan 13, 2018 at 4:34 PM.

  1. TornadoTitan

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    I was thinking of doing a series of fantasy Disney pins all in a similar style to my original Hercules Titans pin, all with different circular frames. Here is a mock up of an idea for a design with Nick and Finnick.


    And test sketches to see how other frames would look based on different characters and franchises.


    Also other pins I have worked on recently. Here is a Texas themed one for a furry con coming up.


    And a pin design for the Chinese Year of the Dog. Just curious would you like to see me draw some of the Disney dogs in this style? It might be fun to make a little set of Year of the Disney Dogs.

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  2. Tsuki

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    Ohh I love these! I’d love to see Disney dogs done in a zodiac style ;)

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  3. Ajk

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    I'm not a fantasy collector, but I will say that is a gorgeous set. And maybe enough to make me change my ways!:)
  4. Papaya

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    Oh woah, hold on, is this your art? Because it's absolutely gorgeous! And even if it's not, the pin design alone is wonderful! I'm absolutely in love with that Nick & Finnick (perfect expressions and poses) and the others sketches for this set. Super excited that there's gonna be a Pinocchio pin in it!

    What other movies/characters you'd want to include? I'm guessing it's all about different more or less anthropomorphic animals, so probably Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective, etc?
  5. pretty Omi

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    Oh my god, I have to have that Nick and Finnick if you get it made!!
    I think Disney dogs in that Chinese style would be cute, especially Bolt!
  6. Danpp

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    I will def need the nick and finnick one!
  7. TornadoTitan

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    Thanks. If I have time I might come up with a concept set with some popular Disney Dogs. Just need to get a list of the most popular.

    Thanks, yup all my art drawn by hand with my tablet pen. I play around with airbrushes to give it a realistic effect.

    For future ideas for this set, in reality this would be a set of my favorite Disney characters, mostly lesser known background characters who don't have a pin or Disney characters like Nick who aren't on enough pins. I was thinking of doing Rescue Rangers in this style as well.
  8. krand1276

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    I keep coming back to look at the Nick and Finnick mock up. I adore it! If you make them, I'd really like one.

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