The DPF Pin Trading Fakes/Scrappers Pamphlet (see pg. 2 for updated version)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by Geoff, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Working on a 2013 version now. There have been some huge changes to pins. Look for a 3.0 in the future.
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    This is SO helpful! Thank you so so much!
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    Thank you so much for this information! When we tried our hand at pin collecting back in July 2012, we didn't know anything about unofficial pins. We innocently and enthusiastically traded with CMs throughout our visit to WDW. Prior to our trip, I purchased over $200 in pins from a Disney outlet store that was selling them for half-off. Most were GREEN and RED level, and I purchased many many duplicates, knowing we would trade them for others. (I was buying for three little girls ages 4-8 to have some fun pin trading at the parks.) Now, as we are dipping back into the Pin Trading world, I am sad to think that we traded genuine pins for "unofficial" pins.

    In this thread, there are several mentions of the Hidden Mickey pins not have the waffle design on the back. ***We have three round Hidden Mickey pins, all with flat backs. They look fine to me otherwise. Colors are vibrant, no misspellings on the back, no rough edges. All three are round: one is a silhouette of Figment, another is a clockface with "Remember When Opening 1971" and the third is Minnie's footprints (light pink prints on dark pink background.)*** I tried to look them up on PinPics but did not find them. I would hate to toss them if they are genuine! Any ideas? Could they be real?

    ***UPDATE*** I searched again on Pin Pics and was able to find all three. Originally I thought the footprints were Daisy's, but they are in fact Minnie's. All three DO have unofficial versions in circulation. There is no mention of what the back is supposed to look like (waffle design or no waffle)
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    Although I've sporadically collected pins for several years I'm pretty new to the overall trading aspect. I certainly don't want to pollute a quality population of pins by trading into scrappers from my collection, but a lot of what I'm reading both here and elsewhere is that the pool of pins traded by CM are scrappers etc. It doesn't seem that this issue is any concern to Disney as it only seems to have gotten worse? As well as questionable quality of pins actually purchased off racks in parks that seems to only make it harder and harder to identify these frauds. How can even the seasoned experts here in DPF be expected to police the hobby if Disney doesn't assist but seems to make it harder? Maybe I haven't seen enough on the forums but it seems a lot of the quality discussions on identifying scrappers has died down since 2013, the last updates on this thread being over 2.5 years ago. Have the efforts to counter the scrappers ceased? I know purists will never favor scrappers and their trading seems to be more just between each other, not with CM. But is it now accepted by the community that CM trading will always be a scrapper heavy lot? Keep your good pins in a book and trade only with other traders, leave the CM trading to the casuals with scrappers? Is that the way of it now? Do we except now that trading with CM means trading for low quality. I'm just talking scrappers, not counterfeits.
    Full disclosure, I have no interest giving a scrapper for an authentic pin, I never want to take advantage of anyone and I don't want to sully the hobby. But I also would not trade in the parks as much as I like if I had to trade a $6-$15 pin every time, especially with the quality of the pins on lanyards now. I like buying my favorites at the stores and preserving them in a book. I like chasing sets, the fun is checking around with CM for that last one, and I personally would accept a scrapper if the face was not really bad quality.
    I wanted to see if there have been more recent in depth discussions on the matter beyond just how to identify the fakes.
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    1St... I think you should say, "not all but some counterfeits have this on the back" about the "waffle" marking on the backs.
    Just an fyi...I've done ALL the tests on the trading pins (small like hidden mickey & mystery) and have found the "ping test" doesn't always come out right. The statement of "two dots" next to the main post is not always accurate. And make sure not to state that all disney pins have the sorcerer hats, mickeys, hammers, etc because I still take to the park ones I have double or triple of from before disney began doing that. It's important when you're talking about handing it out to people entering the park who may not be THAT into collecting or not know better & due to these listed things, I have been accused by parents of trading a SCRAPPER. I make sure I pull up anything I can on pin pics if the child likes it But always tell them they can trade it right back to me & I would be happy to switch. I actually trade with kids a lot due to many adults not into it & when I run into a FAKE or SCRAPPER I put it into a bag in my purse & throw it out when I'm away from the park in my own home. Rather get them out than make it a bad experience for a child.
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    Bump for the new members.
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    As a relatively new pin trader, this is such a great resource!
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    This has been really Informative!

    While I’d heard the term scrapper before, I thought if I was buying individuals/sets still in packaging, they’d be official.

    I’ll look forward to checking all our pins, armed with this information!

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