to all those who think I am fat! Ugly! Can't stand me this is what I have to tell you

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Jrdnsmom, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Jrdnsmom

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    If you don't like me, I don't care, leave me alone let me live my life without you making sure I am miserable! if you think im ugly, keep it to yourself, your not married to me you don't live with me you don't have to look at me on a daily basis!!!!!!! so keep it to yourself, no need to go wander over to confessions and go tell everyone how you can't stand me and I look like some big fat giant beast!! if you don't like me come say it to my face instead of hiding behind a confessions page that is just pure know what! and shame shame to you for dragging someones kids into it! and calling them dirty, they are beautiful babies, you need to grow up.

    Im sure my therapists is going to tell me to keep this negativity away so I may just leave or not, im thinking about it though thats for sure! if you have any issue with me say it here or to my face! I have had it!!! I am trying to grow confidence in myself and don't need hidden bashers calling me basically fat and ugly!

    ANd I am sure I will have an infraction for this, oh well I had to get it out.
  2. Romancing_Train

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    I'm so sorry. Are you sure it's about you? I haven't read from there, but omg D: I'm so sorry someone is picking on you!! D:
  3. The Wise One

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    Don't listen to any of that or let it get to you. Words only have power if you give them power. As Eleanor Roosevelt said "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

    Typically people who say terrible and mean things only say them because they are insecure and are ugly inside. Don't give their words weight by stooping to their level. You'll be all right. *hugs*

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  4. beeatingu

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    Janice you are so ******* hot and Jordan is the joy of the party, we love you and the person who said that is a chud. You are nice to everyone and they are jealous of your amazing pins and personality and ability to be kind to people. Don't let it get you too much. Sebe and I love you very much and can't wait to see you an take some sexy pictures. He'll yeah ******** bring on the infractions for these *******!
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  5. kupo1121

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    I have never even met you in person but I support everything stated above :lol:

    The only thing I know of you is how you stepped up and helped me out without even asking in the first place for the Tangled WDI pin ^_^ I still cannot thank you enough for that, so for all those haters out though, just know, there are more friends :) It's just that the haters make themselves more vocal, it's the internet after all.
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  6. livin_free_asmy_hair

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    Yes "SCREW THEM" YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! They are jelious..because ur pure and nice still..They want u like them ...pathitic and alone...dont let them steal ur light!#Haterzaintwothit
  7. milly5513

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    Hey I've never met you or I think ever spoken a word to you but people who are saying these things are being ridiculous, don't listen to them your an amazing person inside and out and I have always heard great things so brush it off because they don't know the real you
  8. Cjvandever

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    Janice, whoever said that was a complete and utter douche. You are very beautiful on the outside (I've seen pics) but more importantly, you are ravishingly gorgeous on the inside (don't need to see the pics, cause that light shines right out of you). Someone once told me that when the Internet gets anonymous, the Internet gets ugly. Well, the person who made that comment was very ugly and stoopid and did I mention douchey? Don't let it get you down. I totally understand wanting to take a break, but if you do, remember you have lots of love and support here.
  9. ElysionsPrincess

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    One of the most absolutely, ridiculously, and completely untrue things I have seen on the Confessions page. I don't really think such blatant, brutal, obvious, and uncalled for personal attacks should be allowed to be posted. It wasn't a confession at all. I personally think the page is nothing but trouble, I only check it when I hear about something awful like this, because I can't believe it is true.

    You are a beautiful, caring, kind, and wonderful mother. Your son is amazing, talented, and has a bright future. Do not listen to anything these jackas*es have to say about you!! It couldn't be farther from the truth!
  10. disneycrazee

    disneycrazee I just got pixelexia, ok?

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    Oh nooo Janice! *hugs* It's not worth giving people like that the time of day. You are strong and beautiful ~ don't ever let anyone bring you down! :hug:
  11. MMiano

    MMiano Princess Mmiano

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    Janice whoever said that about you is totally wrong. Sending you a big hug your way!!! You're wonderful inside and out! :)
  12. Pin-A-Colada

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    Janice I don't know what the "Confession Page" is but I have know you for about a year now and I think you are very attractive. I would definitely make out with you!
  13. AgentR

    AgentR Secret Agent, OWCA

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    You are so nice and sweet. :)
  14. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    I have never met you and have no idea what you look like, but based on what little I know about you from this forum, I think you're a lovely person.

    I'm guessing this thread is in reference to some "confession" made on that asinine Facebook group.

    Hopefully I will not get slammed for saying this - (I know a lot of forum members follow that group, for reasons completely beyond my understanding) - but I think that Facebook group is one of the stupidest, most disgusting things I've encountered online. And I've run across some pretty effed up things, in my day. ("Two Girls and a Cup," anyone?)

    Why are you all wasting your time bashing each other anonymously? Most of us are complete strangers! Are you all REALLY so mean and petty? Don't tell me, "Oh, I just needed to get it off my chest" when you KNOW what you're writing is inevitably going to hurt someone else's feelings. There is no excuse for that. If you need to talk something out, call a friend. Or write in a diary. Don't use the Internet to start some passive aggressive war with someone you will probably never meet in real life!

    And for those of you who aren't instigating these wars, but are still glued to the computer screen... Living vicariously through "likes" and comments... Or even just reading each new confession and allowing yourselves to get your feelings hurt... WHY? Why are you all allowing yourselves to get your feelings hurt over what other, cowardly, people are saying about you, while hiding behind a fake name?

    Goddamn it, people. This forum is about pins. PINS!

    My advice to you, Janice, (and to every other kind, sensitive soul on this forum) is to ignore the FB group. It may have been created with good intentions - I have no idea - but all its doing now is hurting people. Just... walk... away.
  15. The Wise One

    The Wise One Member

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    Oh and to the keyboard warriors who think they're awesome and submit this crap they should:


    And if they were man enough to say this to your face this would be my response:

    Take note of this:

  16. Haunted_Beauty07

    Haunted_Beauty07 Member

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    Hi. I'm Rachel we do not know each other very well but, I remember you at the 4th of July pin release. You were ahead of me in line and I thought you were a beauty inside and out! Forget that FB page it is full of hate and bullying. Everyone here loves you here and everyone has your back and supports you. I think you and your family are beautiful people. Find the strength to forget the people who love to hate and remember we love and support you here. Keep you chin up!
  17. ChickenLittle

    ChickenLittle The Sky is Falling!!!

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    this was awesome!!! Can I watch? Hahahaha jk!!!!

    Janice, you're awesome! Do NOT listen to these retards, do not! It's not worth it! You're one of the nicest people I know, and everyone who knows you, loves you and Jordan! You're such a wonderful member of this community, and I hope you stick around for a long time. You have my number, txt/call me if you need me.
  18. Connies_Hobby

    Connies_Hobby SPREADING the DISNEY PIN MAGIC!!

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    99   0   0 say I am completely appalled, that a member of this community, would be so unkind to another member, is putting it mildly.

    Janice, please, please...take to heart, all the expressions of love and beauty that have been sent to you. You are loved, admired and respected, and last, but certainly not least...a lovely lady, that ANY man would be blessed to have in his life.

  19. tyleet87

    tyleet87 Curiouser & Curiouser... DPF Charter Member

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    I don't think anyone really thinks that about you! I know I don't! It was just one person who clearly has issues decided to take their negative feelings out on you apparently. :( I'm sorry they said that and I'm sorry you had to hear it.
  20. chroll

    chroll Active Member

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    Huh, I read that one and had no idea who it was about. People can be jerks. Ignore them. They have a sad life.
  21. fireheadfred

    fireheadfred RedBaron &Girl with magic hair

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    Janice. i do NOT understand what the hell these people are thinking. IF I WERE A MAN OR GAY!!!! your beautiful and fabulour and kind and you have anamazing son and an amazing family. i love you so much xxxxx Hollie xxxxx
  22. BugCatcherJenna

    BugCatcherJenna It doesnt have to be a snowman

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    Some people are just plain...rude! :nono:
  23. Psycho Pixie

    Psycho Pixie Vacations are a grand thing

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    Your not the only one those poor little keyboard warriors went after. Don't let them get to you sweetie.

    They are just sad little kids with nothing better to do than stir up hate.
  24. laura_uk

    laura_uk Living The Dream

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    Let it go over your head huni, I don't know you or Pixie but I think the comments were vile, done to the ammount of support you guys have its clear to me that its only 1 or 2 people that feel this way, and they don't seem like the kind of people you would want as fiends anyway....

    The confesstions page is suposidly filtered so I think they are just as bad for posting the 'confession' when they knew it would hurt and cause more drama and upset you when they knew
    you were fragile.

    I'm new to posting here (joined a while back but have only been active for a month or 2) and this kind of thing and all the recent drama is off putting. I've spoken to as coupple of really nice people but its really sad to see a small cummunity fighting so much.

    Stay strong Janice, hope to get to know you one day.
  25. AgentOfAnarchy

    AgentOfAnarchy This Button Wants To Fly

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    What a load of tosh! This Facebook group is disgusting and it brings down the whole community. The people who make these confession posts should be ashamed of themselves and the person allowing the confessions to be posted should too! What is the point of doing something just to hurt somebody? It's pathetic and it is not what this forum or community is about. I'm saddened just to be associated with a community that at it's worst can produce members like this. I don't know you but I've seen you around the forums and Allways got the impression that you where amazing and your son was adorable. Before now I had never heard a bad word against you. Ignore these comments on this group and read all of these amazing ones.

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