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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Badockins, Apr 7, 2018.

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    we recently started collecting the Disney and Star Wars Tsum Tsum pins amd we are loving them. Ive searched for news on upcoming series but camt find anything. Has anyone heard anything?

    Also we are new to pin collecting in general. Is there some event(s) where Disney reveals upcoming pins? We are hungry for news especially since we will be at WDW in June.
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    If you are still looking, I am trying to complete my Star Wars Tsum Tsum sets. I also have a few Disney Tsum Tsums for trade. Same username in Pinpics...

    Disney does reveal upcoming pins at their trading events... I believe the last one was in February at both WDW and DLR, but the info release is old news now. The WDW big trading event in August always has a lot of previews of pins to be released for all of the parks. The August WDW event registration starts April 24.

    There was a web site, which is supposed to come back online where Disney posts pins releasing in the next month or so. The web site is down right now, so not much help currently.

    DSSH pin releases are posted on their Facebook page. Disney Studio Store Hollywood

    Disney Pin Blog does pretty well at posting, but not very far in advance... usually the same day or week of the release. HOME - Disney Pins Blog

    The information shared by members of this forum in the 2018 Pin Release thread helps keep me up to date. 2018 Pin Releases

    And a good picture of the hidden mickey pins for WDW (and DLR... if they ever appear) are posted here: 2018 Hidden Mickey Release Watch
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    There will be a Pin Trading Night at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort this June. There will be a showcase of upcoming pins at the event.
  4. Romancing_Train

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    I made a thread recently we love the TSUM TSUM pins and are trying to complete sets 2, 4 and 5! We have most of them
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    There will? How awesome since we are going in June. Do you know the date? I looked and couldn't find anything on it. I'm hoping the timing works out.

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