Wanted: Two Toad pins to go!!

Discussion in 'Pins for Sale/Wanted' started by Spr175psu, Mar 29, 2019.

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    Due to some amazing help recently from @CanaDaLE and @aleck2008, I am now only 2 away from being a Mr. Toad completist!! I've had my fair share of chances at these two elusive pins.

    The first one is an LE 15 that became available for the first time since I have been collecting pins just two months ago. My bid was not good enough and now the waiting game continues for it to come back on the market.

    The second one, similarly, has been available in the past but as a complete 39 pin framed set for over $500. A while back when this set came on the market, I tried a co-op, but before I can get all spots filled, someone else purchased the set.



    • [​IMG][​IMG]
      Pin# 80947
      WDW - Happy Haunts Ball 2004 - Ghoulish Gatherings (Mr Toad) - AKA so close, but so far
    • [​IMG][​IMG]
      Pin# 45457
      DisneyShopping - Disneyland Framed Map and Pin Set (Mr. Toad)
    Please help if you can. Any leads, best wishes, similar sob stories, etc, would be greatly appreciate.

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    That's fantastic! No leads (as I am seeking the same pins:), but good luck with your search!
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    Will keep an eye out. That Happy Haunts pin is so funny.

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