Updated Murder Game Rules

Discussion in 'DPF Game Room' started by dancecats, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. tokyodisneydad

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    Not sign ups yet Vixy... lol
    Stef will post that soon I hope.

    as for characters yep it's pretty open although we do tend to respect character choice of veterans and inspectors. For example...atleast this game and next Ursula and Scar will be already taken for sure as should be Tink and a few others, but with all the charaters in the Disney universe thee will be plenty.

    Stef from reading the promotion system I am assuming Scar is going to have the rank of Captain?? which i am fine with by the way. :)
  2. Vixy

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    Oops, sorry for jumping the (pardon the expression) gun! ;-)
  3. imp

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    darnit! this game alway start just when I'm about to go on vacation!
  4. frozenlanterns

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    I was just reading through Homicide in Hollywood Studios and I noticed that all of the deaths came about through players, not the host. Does the host tell them who to kill off?
  5. tokyodisneydad

    tokyodisneydad Active Member

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    Yes all deaths are set up by the host
  6. Zagales14

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    I am soooooo interested in playing this!!

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