WDW 2017 Pickups - Year End Totals!! - Policy Updates

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by MerlinEmrys, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    Hey gang!

    I did a year-end total for 2016, and I was super excited to check out what the totals were for 2017! This year has been a blast, indeed. We've had a massive amount of new pins come out, some exceptional surprises, and our fair share of stumbles for sure. But all in all, it was a great year!

    In this post, I'll go over the incredible totals from the year. In the second post, I'll be sharing the results from my pickup survey. And in the third, I'll explain some pickup policy changes that will go into effect immediately. So be sure to stick around for the whole thing. :)

    Total number of new LE/LR pins released for WDW: 323

    New Pin of the Month or Quarterly Series released: 7
    Magical Melodies, Disney Recollections, Doorways to Disney, Essence of Evil, Piece of Disney History 2017, Annual Passholder Gemstone, Star Wars Vehicles

    November had the most number of new pins at 24 (not including the 19 Holiday Resort pins or the 5 Jungle Book Anniversary).

    Total number of individual members requesting pins: 139

    Total number of picked up pins: 1,540!!!!!!!!

    Most requested new series: Doorways to Disney (110), followed closely by Essence of Evil (97)

    Most requested single pin: Maleficent Essence of Evil (14), followed closely by Star Tours and Jungle Cruise Doorways (13 each) and Pizza Planet PoDH (13)

    Most requested mystery box: Disney Film Series (98!!!!!!!)


    Total number of trips to Disney in which pickups were a specific goal: roughly 64

    Hours spent in the car: roughly 192 (8 days......)

    Miles driven: roughly 11,392

    Bubble Wrap used: roughly 620 square feet

    Little Bubble Envelopes used: roughly 490

    I'm still in shock about some of these numbers! Hahah! And even though some of the figures are pretty astounding, I have genuinely had a blast doing pickups this year. :) Along the way, I was able to meet some incredible pin friends in person--to list them all would be just setting myself up to forget someone, but you guys know who you are! I got to connect with so many of you at my first ever Pin Event: Love is an Adventure, and I CANNOT WAIT until the 2018 event!!! :D

    I also was able to fill out my Disney Character Signature book quite spectacularly! Some highlights include Eeyore and Piglet, Dug and Russell, Star Lord, and Maleficent! And, of course, it was a great year to be an Aladdin collector, as the Aladdin 25th Anniversary event and pin release was just exceptional. :)

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed checking out the totals. ;) Be sure to keep reading to hear the results for the Pickup Survey and a few Pickup Policy Changes. Thanks again for a great year, and here's to 2018!!
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  2. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    Alrighty, so let’s go through the responses for the Pickup Process survey and what those results mean for 2018 pickups. There were 25 responses.

    Q1: Which method do you prefer to receive your invoice?
    Paypal – 11
    Forum DM – 13

    With this in mind, pin invoices will continue to be delivered through Forum DM.

    Q2: How much detail do you want in your invoice?
    Itemized – 8
    List only with Grand Total – 17
    Grand Total Only – 0

    So invoices will now include a list of the pins you’ve ordered (with their list price) and the grand total. More on this in the third post.

    Q3: What do you think about the thread layout?
    Too busy – 0
    Just right – 25
    Not enough detail – 0

    The thread will remain the same. :)

    Q4: When prices are unknown, how would you like me to estimate the price?
    Over – 17
    Under – 6

    So, if I’m unsure of the price, I’ll err on the over-side and send refunds/credits as needed.

    Q5: How would you like to indicate when to ship your order?
    Place a star (*) – 4
    Select shipping date – 11
    Default to end of month – 9

    I’ll explain more of this in the next post, but from now on, you’ll choose a shipping date from a list I provide each month.

    Q6: For international orders, how would you like shipping cost to be calculated?
    Honestly, the USPS just changed their policy on this which will likely close the “Paypal loophole” with First Class International Mail. So I think we’re just going to have to stick with USPS and its high cost. :(

    Q9: Overall, how satisfied are you with your pickup experience?
    You guys scored me at a 4 or 5 for every category, and for that I’m very thankful. Hahah! The weakest part was Promptness of Thread updates, so I will do my utmost to improve that going forward. :)

    The other questions where personal responses, so I won’t go into those here. You can check out my FAQ on the original survey thread here.
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  3. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    Pin Pickup Policy Changes
    Having done this for two years now, naturally I will find new ways to streamline the process and incorporate your feedback so that everyone is happy. So here’s the updates to the process for this year. Please be sure to read this carefully so that there are no surprises. ;)

    Invoice Layout:
    As you all voted, invoices will continue to be sent via Forum DM. However, they will no longer be as detailed. Rather, they will now be a list of the pins requested with a grand total at the bottom. It will look something like this:

    Cheshire Cat Character Latte (16.99)
    Little Mermaid Once Upon a Time (16.99)
    Star Wars Vehicles: Death Star (17.99)

    Tax: 3.38
    Surcharge: 3.00
    Shipping: 4.50
    Paypal*: 2.72

    Grand Total: 65.67

    Not only does this streamline it for me a lot, but it does cut down on the clutter of the message. You’ll still see the Paypal fee, so, if you choose to send payment as Friends rather than Goods, you can still make that subtraction.

    Order Shipping Dates:
    You guys have voted to choose a specific date for orders to be mailed out. So, in the first post, under the rules, I’ll have a list of dates for you to choose (typically, it’ll be each Friday or Saturday). So look at the pins you’ve ordered and choose a date you’d like for me mail out and indicated that in your initial request post. If you do not indicate a date, you’ll default to the end of the month.

    Now, please do be patient as sometimes I may not ship out on that specific date. But I’ll ship out as close to that date as possible. Though, considering my schedule this semester, Fridays are looking like a solid mail day.

    Strike System:

    If anything has bothered me this year about the pin pickups, it’s been the number of late cancellations… So, in order to protect myself and help keep us all accountable, I will be implementing a Two Strike System. Here’s how it works.

    Each quarter (so every three months), all Strikes will be erased and everyone starts at zero. If you have zero Strikes, I will operate on the assumption that you will pay for the pins you request and, for my own convenience, pick them up even if you’re lagging on a payment. However, once you earn a Strike, that assumption changes.

    As of now, there are two ways to earn a Strike:
    1. Canceling a pickup request AFTER I have already picked up the pin.
    2. Failing to pay for a pin that I have picked up for you after one week from the second invoice.

    Now, before you get out the torches and pitchforks, really read those rules. Canceling a request BEFORE I pick up the pin is totally fine—this generally means cancelling within 24 hours of the pin’s release. I totally understand about getting too gung-ho, but just be sure you evaluate BEFORE I pick up the pin. Exceptions may be made (at my discretion) if there is an extreme price change or something of the like. Equally, the failure to pay rule is one week after the second invoice (which goes out the day I pick up the pin if you did not pay at the first invoice). So there is still plenty of wiggle room. Don’t panic.

    Having One Strike:
    If you earn one Strike in a quarter, I will only pickup up pins you request after you have made a payment. So when you make a request, I’ll send an invoice and, once you pay that invoice, I’ll pick up your pins on my next trip.

    Having Two Strikes:
    If you earn two Strikes in a quarter, you will be unable to make any additional pickup requests until the next quarter begins and your Strikes reset to zero.

    Some Possible Exceptions:

    RSP Results: If you place a request for a pin that I have to complete an RSP on (for example, the Aladdin event pins), and cancel a significant number of pins after I have already made my RSP selection, that may also result in a Strike.

    Unfilled Requests: If you cancel on a pin I have picked up for you, but there are still unfilled/late requests for that pin, I may be able to pass the pin along the line without giving you a Strike.

    Extenuating Circumstances: I am not a monster. I understand that life happens and in the grand scheme of things, pins are pretty small potatoes. So if there are extenuating circumstances, and you communicate with me in a timely manner, you possibly may not receive a Strike. However, as I tell my students, please don’t take advantage of my kindness on this. Because, at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to keep up with the requests you have made. Please just have the courtesy to keep me in the loop as much as you possibly can. <3

    Multiple Cancellations: As of now, I am not counting multiple pin cancellations in the same order (cancelled at the same time) as multiple Strikes, but rather one single Strike. Of course, if you cancel 16 pins at the end of the month, that’s a different story. Just, if you need to cancel something, please do it all at once to cut down on my anxiety, hahah!

    Communication is Key: If you have an issue with an order or payment, PLEASE contact me as soon as humanly possible. I cannot help if I don’t hear from you. So please please please keep me in the loop.

    And that’s the Strike system. Please note, Strikes are not public knowledge. That stay completely between you and me. I will let you know if you have/receive a Strike—it’s not a poker card I keep to my chest to play at the most opportune moment. And this is not meant to punish or scare anyone; it’s meant to protect my sanity, time, and effort. Thanks in advanced for your understanding and support. <3
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  4. LittleBird

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    You are amazing, my dude.
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  5. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Wow! That’s so impressive! Thanks for all you do for the forum!!

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  6. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    Sounds fair. Thanks for the pick ups.
  7. theoucharis

    theoucharis Active Member

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    Thanks so much for all that you do for the Forum. It is greatly appreciated.

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  8. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    Sounds more than fair to me!

    Thank you for all of the hard work you do for everyone! The quantity of pins from your totals - WOW!

  9. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    Policy changes are more than fair. Thanks!
  10. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    Wow...those numbers! Truly, only a wizard could pull this off ~ Thank you!!!
  11. sirradel

    sirradel Active Member

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    Sounds fair to me! Thank you for everything you do, Merlin.
  12. natelove

    natelove Member

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    Amazing work the past year!! Thank you for all your hard work and your guidelines/rules are very fair.
  13. Ajk

    Ajk Not so new anymore.

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    Wow that was a busy year! Thanks for all that! And on your policies, they are more than fair and reasonable. Thanks again!
  14. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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    The numbers make my head spin! Thank you for all you do for the community! It truly is a labor of love.
  15. sbmpins

    sbmpins Pin Trader

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    Merlin is awesome! Thanks for all you do!
  16. Addicted to Alice Pins

    Addicted to Alice Pins My name is Ann, and I'm here to enable you!

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    IDK I look at these numbers and just think, "Imagine what he could do if he really *applied* himself." Maybe you'll work harder and accomplish more this year ...

    :p I wuv you, Merly-My-Sweet! I've told you many times, IDK how you do this every week. You say it's mostly fun and I'm sure it mostly is, but ... Ha ha. You and Dawn ( @Shelterkat ) are my heroes!!!!!
  17. pincrazy

    pincrazy Well-Known Member

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    Incredible end of year report! Very Fair and Reasonable, can't imagine this is what you do each week, but glad you're able to enjoy the parks each week by shopping! Nothing beats anxiety like retail therapy and hunt for pins( especially high wanrs)! That quest for achievement is very rewarding! Looking forward to ypur 2018 report.....:p
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