We are moved! The whole story.

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Romancing_Train, Jun 14, 2017.

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  1. Romancing_Train

    Romancing_Train EVERYPONY calm the buck down!

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    So im gonna make this post here. Alot of you are friends of mine and we've met in real life or just online but i dont think many people know what has happened to me in the last 9 months.

    I went to school in the fall, it was really nice. I had some trouble with a teacher, one of my roommates was almost kidnapped, but overall it was a good invigorating experience.

    I went back on an internship at Disney in the beginning of the year. And this is where it gets bad.

    I was being harassed and disney was withholding about 90% of my pay (I was averaging 15$ a week, one roommate of mine made nothing for 3 weeks.) I was was eating through my savings and I was mentally and physically exhausted, and the harassment eas getting worse no matter how much I reported it.

    So I quit.

    6 days later I was on day 2 of Wondercon, my grandma calls me crying, and tells me sge doesnt want to ruin my trip, but we lost our home.

    So I sold alot of my collections, called houses and a few weeks later I found and paid for a new rental for us. But my grandma had lived in the home for 32 years, with differents people rentong from her so we had alit of peoples things, her things, and the sentimentality of it all. So she was breaking down day to day, she couldnt be there so I had to take her to the new home and basically leave her there alone.

    My boyfriend and I then continued to clean out a very lived in home. I found out much of my lion king collection (i had sone very only vintage plush among other things) that was all destroyed I gound vecause a root had carved its way into out garage and destroyed alot of things (water damage).

    Some of the people, family even, stole fron us, broke plastic boxes in there so the contents got moldy, and it was an overall horrible and devestating experience.

    We had a friend if the family and her son living with us at the time. He would help alot, moving furniture, picking up boxes, ge was a great help, but he was type 1 diabetic and his blood kept getting too low so he too got banished to the new house to help my grandma.

    Now his mom though, she got drunk, broke things and mixed up our clothes and boxes. What do I mean by that? Literally, she mixed up our give away/donation bags with our "these are my only clothes, if this is gone ill have nothing" bags.

    So we get in a fight and i ultimatly ask her to leave. She takes her son, and leaves.

    So my boyfriend and I get almost done, a few friends show up and help more, and things are going well. We pack up the rest of the things and put them in my grandmothers room to pick up the next day.

    We go home to the new house for the night, and go to the old house the next afternoon when its not so hot. The house had been broken into and everytjing stolen. One box turned out to be my grandmothers heirloom jewlery.


    I dont know how we missed it, but yep.

    So it takes 2 days for the sheriff to arrive. And the landlord fell through the roof at another house so it took him a few days to also let me turn in my keys.

    But the fucking icing on the cake was my little brother. They changed his schedual at work, and he flipped his car breaking his pelvis, spine and punctured a lung. So...

    As soon as we moved into the new house the cooler leaked and flooded the living room. The washer broke.

    Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane. Were done now

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  2. Booger1964

    Booger1964 Well-Known Member

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    Wow! I don't even know what to say to all of this, but I hope things go better for you from here on out!
  3. AvatarAng1

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    I'm so sorry it has been so rough lately. I wish you would've texted, I'm sure we could've gotten some DPF folks to maybe help you with your move. I hope things start turning around for you!

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  4. caw caw rawr

    caw caw rawr Squirrel!

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    You are still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things turn around soon. There has to be something good on the horizon.
  5. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    How awful. I am so sorry. I hope things start getting better quickly. ((HUGS))
  6. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Wow Carissa! You've been dealing with so much! I really hope you and mimi will get much much better days. I'm so sorry to read all this and sending you loads of hugs and pixiedust
  7. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    Oh gosh, that's horrible! I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of that. :(

    If you need help with anything from here on out, please let me know. I'm fairly busy the next few weeks but if I can fit it in, I'm happy to pop over and help.
  8. Romancing_Train

    Romancing_Train EVERYPONY calm the buck down!

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    Thank you guys. I guess it never crossed my mind especially since I do live a good distance away <_>
  9. coblj003

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    I commiserate with everything going on right now with you, which I wish there was more that I could do half way across the continent. Definitely wishing you the best with everything...
  10. Pinfun

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    Wow. I'm so sorry. I hope it all turns around now.
  11. Romancing_Train

    Romancing_Train EVERYPONY calm the buck down!

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    Thank you guys. Were going day by day.

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  12. Romancing_Train

    Romancing_Train EVERYPONY calm the buck down!

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    o I sold 3 items through ebay. Someone hacked my ebay when they sold and changed the recipient of the money to someone else and recieved the 1,700$ I made.
    Ebay won't do anything about it. Paypal won't do anything about it.
    Don't tell me to call because I've been in a fucking three-way with them since fucking noon.
  13. teddy_ruxpin

    teddy_ruxpin Well-Known Member

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    Oh no ! I'm really sorry to hear things are so tough.I'm pretty much speechless reading it all.Sending hugs and pixie dust your way. I thought things were terrible for me this year but your year totally sucks even more. I'll email you soon.
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  14. chubs191

    chubs191 Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer

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    They usually have authentication with those types of changes. Like why didn't they email you to see if it was authorized? I'm so sorry you're going through more Carissa. Maybe you can have the buyers open a case on the sold items to have eBay hold the money from their Paypal.
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