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Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by xdattax, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. xdattax

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    So I’ll start, since I’m home and packing now. (Ford took care of my tire. That’s $194 I didn’t have to spend and can blow on pins instead!)

    Here are my only pair of ears and ll have them on.


    So I’ll either have just ears, ears and this ball cap on, or ears on top of a large straw floppy hat. I wear glasses but will have my black ray bans if we’re outside. Tomorrow I’ll have a VS “PAWS UP” FIU jersey on. Friday and Saturday shirts are to be determined.

    I may get additional new ears, though. We’ll see.

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  2. nateeter

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    Ears to be determined, but...

    Thursday Shirt:



    This is our first pin event! We’re very excited! We don’t have many limited edition trade pins, but are willing to trade with just about anyone. Looking forward to making new pin friends.

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  3. khossler

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    Not wearing Ears or a hat today but I’m in black shorts and a Pandora T-shirt. [​IMG]
  4. lynn99

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    Im here in line.....[​IMG]

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  5. hopemax

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    Still a couple hours away from arriving. No ears, but I am wearing my Denver Frozen shirt today. Once we are at CS, I will put on my badge from chubs191.

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