Your Disney Merchandise Collection Showroom (not pins)!

Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by Aveen2010, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Selithiel

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    Here is my current collection... Not pictured are my Snow White and Aurora plush dolls, and my Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle Animators' Collection dolls.




  2. BwayGal1300

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    Fabulous Selithiel! That is an amazing collection.
  3. PiinkMist

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    Everyone's collection is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your collections :) I really enjoy seeing the growing collections.
  4. charlottetowell

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    Wow, so many amazing collections!! It's nice to know there are people just as mad a collecting, and I'm not the only one!! Most of my items are in storage just now, as we've just decorated, but will post pixs soon when un packed...I collect disney dolls, some vinyls, ornaments, pins, quirky disney items such as the one pictures below : A promotional book in a book, in a book.... really lucky to have this - It's absolutely massive,features some fantastic art work and was only issued to the press by way of a promo for the new film. in the photo I've put a 5p coin next to it to show the size of it!! In the middle there is a hidden key to wonderland! I also was lucky enough to get a Rapunzel animators doll signed by the one and only Glen Keane, the creator of Rapunzel and a leading disney animator :D
  5. disneycrazee

    disneycrazee I just got pixelexia, ok?

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    Charlotte - you're so lucky! I would probably die if I met Glen Keane. lol I've admired him forever. And where oh where did you get that Alice book (or should I say, 'books')??? It looks amazing!
  6. charlottetowell

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    Thanks for your kind comments disneycrazee, Glen Keane did a signing over here in the UK in Jan this year, at londons oxford st. disney store - may I say it was thanks to a very dear friend of mine that I got my doll signed, as I live in the scottish highlands and too far away from London to go myself! Im so lucky she helped me out! My book in a book in a book actually won in a competition just after the film was released. Its lovely, and the key in the middle is really eavy and is actually a USB stick with contents on it about the film! Its really ace but really HUGE! It's got that old fashioned thick paper for the pages...really lovely :) I also am lucky to own a complete set of designer dolls, I own a few vinyls, I have a box full of disney cigarette cards from when I was wee, among many other disney items including stamp collections, postcards.....anything a bit quirky is for me!!! :)
  7. Powerline's Number 1 Fan

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    I have been lurking this subforum specifically for months now. I love seeing all of your pictures of your dolls and other Disney merchandise, in this thread and others! Anyway, I live in a studio apartment and don't have a lot of space to display stuff. I never invested in a shelf of any kind, either, and it seems kind of pointless now since I'll be moving out after I graduate in a couple months; but I digress... Here is my small collection (sorry for the cruddy picture quality--I don't have a good camera):

    Disney has taken over my computer desk:

    Love my Animator's Collection Belle. Here box was ripped on the corner when I got her in the mail, and there is not a Disney store within 100 miles of me, so I just bit the bullet and opened her. I like her better out of the box, anyway. I found Pascal last weekend at a DS outlet during the 25% off sale when I was home for a visit. I debated getting him on for a while, and now I have him--he was even the last one in the store!


    A couple non-Disney characters made it onto my desk, lol. Anyway, you can sort of see my Penny Machine vinyl, and there are a couple tiny, hidden Mickey and Minnie figurines in back. I really like the figurines in front best, though. I bought all 6 of 'em on eBay for $17 a few weeks ago!


    Disney plush took over my dresser first, but I don't have room for anymore stuff on top of it. The Mickey and Minnie from the Year of a Million Dreams celebration are by far my favorite Disney merch I own. My boyfriend bought Minnie for me during my first trip ever to Disneyland, and a year and a half later, he bought the Mickey on eBay and gave it to me for Christmas. :)


    Okay, I don't normally have these displayed, but I figured I might as well put them out for a picture since I have them. These are my PVC/fast food Disney toys:

    Snapshot_20120226.JPG Snapshot_20120226_1.JPG

    Anyway, I rambled on way too long, but thanks for reading/looking. I have so enjoyed seeing all of your collections, and just wanted to share mine. :)
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  8. mickeymousje

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    Wow amzing collections!!! Love them all!
  9. xbeckyx

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    Ive had abit of a change around and made this new shelf in my bedroom :)


    The tower of terror and phantom manor snow globes have matching postcards in the back.
    Stitch and Angel photo clip holder was from dlrp. also was the stitch as bellhop on the height sign
    Sourcer Mickey was from wdw in 2008
    And the other two Stitch figures were my xmas present from my fiance. the stitch laughing on his back is my fav :)
  10. DisneyDante

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    I'll be posting some of my pictures soon! I don't have nearly as much stuff as some of the people on here! But that's because my dad won't let me. :( He already made me throw out over half my collection...
  11. abbyprincess

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    Aveen2010, you are a true Disney collector! Your stuff is really nice, you have the best stuff! I'm jealous
    I love a lot of the Tangled and Lion King stuff that all of you guys have..
    I wish I had stuff like that
    Nice stuff everyone!
  12. maverick18

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  13. Simba

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    There are some really amazing collections here.

    Aveen 2010, I absolutely love your room! It really is just like a Disney museum :p

    sarsiandam, that is a beautiful snowglobe on the top shelf. And for some reason I find myself drawn to that 25 Years plate!

    xbeckyx, loving the Kingdom Hearts stuff! I've been after that Sora Static Arts for a long time.

    I'll most probably get pics of my collection eventually, though it's mostly Lion King / Kingdom Hearts / Stitch & Angel (to a much lesser degree than the others).
  14. flynnrider

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    This is all so awesome! This makes me want to take out all of my stored items and display them :D
  15. #1mickeyfreak

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    Well I figured I better go ahead and show my collection being new on here and all. Here is what you see when you walk through my front door:[​IMG]
    Other side of the room:
    My awesome animated clock:
    One side of the entertainment center with retired snowglobes, retired plate, cookie jar on top, little clock figurine, and of course my pin lanyard:
    Other side has my animated cordless phone, light-up sorcerer hat, more globes, wishing well bank, and my precious Cubs figurine. Yes I'm Cubs fan. Don't hate.
    My china cabinet with even more retired globes, my coffee mug collection, retired minnie china, teapot, and the 3 glass sets that McDonalds put out.
    The complete 8 plate Fantasia collection by Knowles:
    My on going collection of Mickey Inspearations:
    My limited edition Mickey/Firefighter tribute lithograph to the southland firefighters in 1993.
    And our curio cabinet with all of our Mickey and Minnie wedding stuff including our toasting glasses, cake knife set, picture frames, custom made pen holder and sign-in book, and our crystal cake topper. The Lenox cake topper was not used in our wedding. I found that years later.
  16. Merriennes

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    I only just realised that I hadn't really posted proper piccys of my collections, anyway here is my Tigger themed bedroom ...
    more piccys on my page if anyone is interested ;o)

    I also have a Minnie & Mickey Mouse themed gym ...
    you cant really see many of the Minnie & Mickey items etc in that piccy but its the best one to show its the gym with the characters on the equipment, but again there are a few more piccys on my page if anyone wants to see ;o).

    I haven't really got piccys of the rest of the Disney items around my house yet i will post up more piccys when I take them, but in the meantime I thought you might like to see one of my cars at a car show we did in Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago ;o) ...
  17. Milky

    Milky Active Member

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    Holy cow, Merriennes! You're collection just made my mouth drop! And XD the car is awesome! So is everyone else's collections!
  18. Anya

    Anya Member

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    *Picks jaw up off the floor*

    Oh, Merriennes!
    Your collection is amazing. I love your Mickey and Minnie themed gym
  19. monkiebelle

    monkiebelle Member

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    I am SSSSOOO jealous of your custom Eeyore vinylmation... I wanted one but at the time didn't have the money to scoop him up!
  20. Mali

    Mali Member

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    Wow! In comparison to these photos, I've got nothing!
  21. adelayde9

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    Here's my collection :)
  22. DisneyOlivia

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    OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME ! I thought that I loved Disney haha...
    And then I was blown completely out of the water !
  23. johnomnom

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    I know it's not really merchandise but I've tried collecting all the current fast passes from DLR and DCA. From World of Color to Indiana Jones. It's just another thing for me to do as I walk around looking for pins when I'm not in the mood to stand in the lines.

    Wish I coulda got the ones that were replaced by Star Tours and RSR when I had the chance.
  24. Gingernutty

    Gingernutty Member

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    Everyone's collections are absolutely amazing and I am soooo jealous!
    #1mickeyfreak, I absolutely love your wedding collection! I'm getting married next year and really want to have a lot of Disney merch and themes at the wedding! Your stuff is gorgeous!
  25. DisneyShyGirl

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    hello im new to the forum and i love everyones collection and i guess i can show everyones mine. i have more. especially pins but i guess i can post those up later.[​IMG]

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