Feedback Profile of AvatarAng1

  1. Happy to help you get baby Simba PTD! Thanks for the trade!

  2. DSF cursive cuties pickup. Quick payment. Happy to help :]

  3. A pleasure to work with, July pickups.

  4. Wonderful trading experience! Can't wait to trade again!

  5. Thank you for the great Pongo pin!

  6. Thanks for the Muses PTD :D

  7. PTD Aquata pick up. Smooth transaction!

  8. Thanks for the great auction! And the awesome Zap!

  9. Traded in person (2x). Highly recommend. Love the pins I received!

  10. Super quick & easy trade! Thanks for the zap! <3

  11. THANK YOU! 8D Excellent trade, 10/10

  12. Best trading partner ever. XD

  13. WDW Pick-Up January - fast payment and great to work with!

  14. Thanks for the excellent trade and Canada zap!!!

  15. Thanks for holding a fun auction! Love the Cleo pin

  16. Thanks for grabbing me those pins! You're da best! <3

  17. Thanks for the trade! :D

  18. Thank you for a great Secret Santa 2016

  19. By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, this is a wonderful trader!

  20. Great Person! Did pickup@cost and mailed out right away. Always a pleasure

  21. WDW Pick-Up MNSSHP - fast payment and great to work with!

  22. Amazing trader! Always prompt and a pleasure to deal with. :)

  23. Beautiful pins, packed well and shipped quick. Thanks, Mark!!!

  24. Great trader! Fast S&H. Love my BatB Timeless Tales pin! :)

  25. easy, fast trade- Great trader!

  1. Great trader! :D

  2. I can't decide if she is super amazing or super awesome...

  3. Good experience, thanks for trading! :D

  4. Thanks so much for bidding on my auction, enjoy Dug! :D

  5. Thanks so much for the fun game! :D

  6. Fantastic trader, but a better friend! :D

  7. Awesome trader! We made an in-person trade! :D

  8. Awesome trader! :D

  9. Awesome trader! :D

  10. Awesome trader! :D

  11. Absolutely amazing trader, very easy to work with! :D

  12. Wonder person and trader! :3

  13. Pins came in PERFECT condition! Thanks so much! :D

  14. Great buyer! :3

  15. Thanks for the awesome trade! Stay cool. :)

  16. Great trader! And very Fair!: D

  17. Amazing Trader!

  18. Great trader! Highly recommend!