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  2. Great to work with!

  3. Great buyer! Easy and friendly transaction.

  4. Thank you for the Trade and zap!

  5. Thank you for another wonderful trade. Look forward to more in the future.

  6. Thanks for the awesome auction bid AND the extra goodies! <3

  7. Excellent DPF member, amazing Zapper! <3

  8. Wonderful trade! Thank you for the adorable tsum zap!

  9. Thank you for another wonderful trade. Great communication and fast shipping.

  10. Excellent DPF member, amazing Pin-up/Zap!

  11. A pleasure to work with!

  12. A pleasure to work with, September pickups.

  13. Great person to deal with and hope to do it again

  14. Fast payment, great buyer, hope you enjoy the pin :)

  15. Thank you for your purchase!

  16. WDW Pick-Up July - fast payment and great to work with!

  17. A pleasure to work with, July pickups.

  18. WDW Pick-Up June - fast payment and great to work with!

  19. A pleasure to work with, June pickups.

  20. Thank you for playing my game. Hope it was fun and enjoy your pin/s.

  21. Great Buyer

  22. Recieved my vinyls as described ,thanks for the zap I love it !!

  23. Thanks for the auction trade!

  24. A pleasure to work with, April pickups.

  25. WDW Pick-Up April - fast payment and great to work with!

  26. Great person!!!!

  27. Thx for the great auction bid and zap pin!!

  28. Such a wonderful member,Lovely Auction plush and zapped me with a cute plush too

  29. Quick payment. Enjoy your pins! ^_^

  30. Awesome Trade . Many Thanks

  31. Excellent DPF member

  32. Animated plush came in perfect working condition. Thanks for the auction!

  33. Fast payment. Confirmed receipt. Thank you for smooth transaction!

  34. Great DPF member, positive experience - Let's do this again sometime. :)

  35. WDW Pick-Up February - fast payment and great to work with!

  36. Great transaction great buyer

  37. A pleasure to work with, February pickups.

  1. Super fast shipper, great seller!

  2. A++

  3. Wonderful trade, thank you for the zap!

  4. Thank you for the cool gloves and awesome Zero!

  5. Thank you for the favor of the pickup! Very kind and generous member!

  6. Thank you for trading with me and for my first AP!

  7. Simply the best

  8. One of the best packing I've ever seen, very thankful for the pickup!!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful pins!

  10. Another great purchase, thank you!

  11. Thank you for the co op!

  12. Thank you for your help!

  13. Wonderful communication, thank you for the zap!

  14. I'm grateful for the pickup!

  15. Thanks for the game!

  16. Beautiful pins, fast safe shipping, thank you!

  17. Pins arrived safely packaged, wonderful communication!

  18. Awesome trade and beautiful zap!

  19. Wonderful trade!

  20. Safe packaging, nice pins, thank you!

  21. As always, thank you for the pickups!

  22. Thank you for your auction!

  23. Thank you for this wonderful pin!

  24. Love my set of pins, thank you!

  25. Thank you for your winning bid!