Feedback Profile of fuzzybunny

  1. WDW Pick-Up October - fast payment and great to work with!

  2. WDW Pick-Up September - fast payment and great to work with!

  3. Great tradeer and friend

  4. WDW Pick-Up June - fast payment and great to work with!

  5. She is AMAZING to deal with. Super friendly, lightening fast shipping.

  6. WDW Pick-Up April - fast payment and great to work with!

  7. Thank you for a positive trade!

  8. Great Trade! Thanks so much! :D

  9. A pleasure to work with, March pickups.

  10. Excellent trade . Thanks again

  11. Awesome trade! Thank you for adding to my BatB & Dumbo collections!

  12. Great trade, thanks a lot!

  13. always a great trader to deal with!!!

  14. always a pleasure to trade with!!!

  15. I am so excited about my new pin. Thank you for the trade!

  16. easy to trade with and super fast shipping. thank you!

  17. Always an awesome trader!!!

  18. Always an awesome trader!!!

  19. Very good Trade.

  20. PERFECT transaction. Thank you for buying :)

  21. Great trader. Thank you for trading the pins is awesome !

  22. Wonderful seller, pin packaged well and as described

  23. Thank you so much for picking up the Gala pins!!! You rock!

  24. Very fast, great pins, thanks!

  25. Awesome trade ! Thanks again :) Hope to trade again !

  1. awesome person to deal with love getting pins this way thanks :)

  2. thanks for the pin see you in the spring still looking for your other one as we

  3. thanks again for the pick up of the Recollectioins pin love it

  4. awesome pin thanks for getting these for me

  5. great trade love the pins

  6. great to do business with and to trade thanks again

  7. thanks for the pin purchases

  8. great to trade with thank you

  9. great trade thanks a bunch

  10. WOW what a trade best one I have had for a while

  11. thank you for the Dr Day pin fast ship too

  12. awesome trade love all the pins and the stickers and pencil

  13. thank you for getting me these pins was a great purchase and fast ship

  14. great and fast trade love the pin thanks

  15. fast ship would trade with again

  16. It was a Zap-a-palooza pin thank you finished my set

  17. fast ship but candy not so good when warm out thanks

  18. Love the pin from my Grails list thank you again

  19. as usual a great trade

  20. a very awesome trade and a big Zap thank you Dave

  21. great trade would trade with again

  22. was your first trade and it was good ty for trading

  23. great purchase thank you

  24. Awesome trade as usual thnak you again

  25. for lack of words what a Zap thanks from free game w pincrazy