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  1. A pleasure to work with, February pickups.

  2. Belated thanks for the Gaston essence of evil trade!

    • Trader
    • lynn99 (125)
    • Feb 3, 2018
  3. Great trade again! Wonderful DPF member!

  4. LE Alice Park Pack Trade

  5. A pleasure to work with, December pickups.

  6. Great trade again! Much appreciated!

  7. Thanks for a great trade!!!

  8. Came in perfect condition

  9. Love is Strength Pin Trade

  10. Great SotMK/HMtrades at LIAA event

  11. Quick payment, happy to pick up for you! DSF signposts

  12. We traded at 2017 LIAA (Multi-trade). Love all of my pins! Thanks!

  13. DSF cursive cuties pickup. Quick payment. Happy to help :]

  14. Great trade! Easy communication and perfect packing.

  15. Great auction bid and yarn zap! Thank you :D

  16. Love the BATB pin. Thank You So Much for offering to buy me one. You R Awesome

  17. Nice, friendly and flexible. Thanks for the great, in person, trading.

  18. lovely trading experience, great trader!

  19. Thank you for the auction bid pin!

  20. Thanks for the trade! :D

  21. Thank you for a great Secret Santa 2016

  22. Great Pin Trader & New Pin Buddy!! :)

  23. Great communication and great trade! Thanks!

  24. Thanks for the order and quick payment! (9-25 payment)

  25. Prompt payment for July pickups :)

  1. Awesome Trader! Hope to trade again.

  2. LIAA Pin Trade - thanks for the trade!

  3. Great trade for Love Is An Adventure pins!

  4. Thanks for the SOMK trade!

  5. Alice Signpost Pickup - Thanks for offering! Love the pin.

  6. Flash Pickup for Cursive Cuties - Can't thank you enough Erin!

  7. Great Trade! Love my Ewok

  8. Great Trader!

  9. Great trade experience and got to meet TonkaToy in person!

  10. Awesome Trader! Highly recommend

  11. Thanks for the trade!

  12. Wonderful Trade - Pin Fairy Godmother for sure!

  13. Thanks for the trade! Very smooth

  14. Thanks so much for July Pin Pick-up!

  15. '?

  16. '?

  17. Thanks for the Pixar Party Pickup!

  18. Great Trade for some Beautiful Pins.

  19. Great Multi-Pin Trade

  20. Great Trade and I got one of my Grails!

  21. Awesome Trader! 10 on scale of 1-10