Feedback Profile of hopemax

  1. Thank you for playing my game and the fast payment!

  2. Very fast shipping, cute pin! Thank you very much!

  3. Excellent auction bids for Alice PTD. Thanks for the pins!

  4. Great buyer! Fast payment and wonderful to work with. Thank you! ^^

  5. A pleasure to work with, December pickups.

  6. WDW November Pick-Ups - fast payment and great to work with! Thanks so much!

  7. Great Buyer!

  8. A pleasure to work with, November pickups.

  9. A pleasure to work with, September pickups.

  10. Multi-trade at WDW LIAA. Love all of the pins! Thanks!

  11. Awesome! Thanks so much!

  12. I thank you and may your trades be plenty

  13. A pleasure to work with, June pickups.

  14. Thank you for your purchase! Prompt payment. :)

  15. A pleasure to work with, May pickups.

  16. A pleasure to work with, April pickups.

  17. Great buyer! Thanks for your purchase. Enjoy your pins! ^_^

  18. A pleasure to work with, February pickups.

  19. Pleasure to work with, December pickups.

  20. Smooth trade with excellent communication

  21. FANTASTIC Trader! A++

  22. A pleasure to work with, November pickups.

  23. As always, one of the friendliest traders around! Thanks!

  24. Thanks for the order and quick payment! (6-5 payment)

  25. Great to work with, prompt payment. Yay, Frozen collection!

  1. Thank you for such an awesome game!

  2. Very well and festively wrappe! Thanks for the trade

  3. December Pickups - Awesome as usual!

  4. Awesome auction. Fast ship!

  5. Pickups. Awesome as usual!

  6. Well packaged, great communication. Thanks!

  7. Great pin sale. Thanks!

  8. Wonderful pins. Thank you!

  9. June pickups. Awesome as always!

  10. Great seller, quick ship!

  11. DSSH Pickups. Tasty chocolate (oh and a great pin too)

  12. April pickups. Awesome as usual

  13. Great seller!

  14. Fast shipping, great communication

  15. DLR Pickup, awesome as always

  16. Great game!

  17. DSSH Pickups: Always awesome!

  18. Awesome for pickups besides pins. Thanks for the help with holiday nickels

  19. Great Trade, thanks!

  20. Great first trade. Thanks!

  21. December Pickups, awesome as usual. Thanks!

  22. Thanks again for the instant Frozen collection boost, via a payment plan

  23. Awesome pins and shipped super fast. Thanks!

  24. June pickups - Fabulous as usual!

  25. DSSH Pickup. Awesome service. Thanks!