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  1. WDW December Pick-Ups - fast payment and great to work with! Thanks so much!

  2. A pleasure to work with, November pickups.

  3. Thank you for the favor of the pickup! Very kind and generous member!

  4. A pleasure to work with, September pickups.

  5. Thanks for the pre-trade AND the trade at the tables!!

  6. Great buyer, thank you very much!!!!!

  7. WDW Pick-Up June - fast payment and great to work with!

  8. A pleasure to work with, June pickups.

  9. A pleasure to work with, May pickups.

  10. Awesome trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. A pleasure to work with, March pickups.

  12. Thank you for the Peter Pan LP! My friend will be ecstatic.

  13. Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy the pin! ^_^

  14. WDW Pick-Up March - fast payment and great to work with!

  15. Thanks for supporting my friend's sale!

  16. Awesome Trade . Many Thanks

  17. Thanks for the great bids/ pins! Hope you like your LGM!

  18. ACME Surprise - great buyer, thank you!

  19. Thank you for payment for July pickups :)

  20. Thanks for the order and quick payment! (7-31 payment)

  21. You're welcome! ^^

  22. WDW Pick-Up August - fast payment and great to work with!

  23. Great trade! Thanks!

  24. Excellent sale/translation awesome seller good communications xxxxx

  25. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you for the trade.

  1. Long overdue TY for the GotG pins!

  2. Thanks for the May WDW pickups! (steeds, etc)

  3. Thanks for the DSF pickup! (TUVW)

  4. Thanks for the HM & June pickups!

  5. Thanks for the D23 pickups!

  6. Thanks for the Buck steeds trade, and the DLR pickups!

  7. Belated thanks for the DLR march pickups!

  8. Thanks for the DSf villain pins!

  9. Thanks for the great mickey icon art! loved participating in your autcion!

  10. Got the pin, thank you!

  11. Got the pins, thank you!

  12. Thanks for getting the Peter Pan LP, hope your friend enjoys it!

  13. Belated thank you for the trade auction handmade LGM! love him!

  14. Thanks for the Flower & Garden pickups!

  15. Thanks for coordinating your firends pins sale, love the pins!

  16. Belated thanks for the great trade! Finally got Bolt, Dory, and alphabet pins p

  17. ANother belated thanks for Jan DSSH pickups! (PQRS, penny & bolt!)

  18. Very belated thanks for the DSSH pickups (alphabetLMNO)

  19. Thanks for the WDW February pickups!

  20. A belated thanks for the game pins, we love them!

  21. Thank you, love the pin!

  22. thanks for the acme belle pin, I love it!

  23. Thanks for the August wdw pickup!

  24. Thanks for the DLP pickups!

  25. Thanks for the DSF pickups!