Feedback Profile of Snoffsan

  1. Great Zap from the Pim It Up Game

  2. Elin is ALWAYS a pleasure to chat with. She makes the miles between us not seem so far. Can't wait to meet one day!!

  3. Thank you for the awesome opportunity for some really rare Lion King pins!

  4. Great trade by mail!

  5. Thank you for the trade of the Pixar Party Inside Out

  6. A pleasure to work with, December pickups.

  7. words escape me to describe what a pleasant experience it was, working out this transition with her! A+++++

  8. Thank you for Villain Transformation trade

  9. A pleasure to work with, September pickups.

  10. Thank you so much for the pin it forward goodies!

  11. Thank you for the amazing trade! :)

  12. Great trade, thank you!

  13. Wonderful to trade with!

  14. one of the sweetest traders on DPF!!!

  15. Very smooth and pleasant trade. Thanks so much for the zaps!

  16. Wonderful, generous trader. Thanks for the zaps!

  17. April pickups - great buyer as usual!

  18. Below feedback was supposed to say "I love you and everything you do." :)

  19. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Belle zap! And also the beautiful bookmark. I ♥

  20. Perfect trade, thank you!

  21. Excellent trade . Many Thanks

  22. Great trade and what amazing zaps!!!

  23. Winner of my trade auction, quick shipment of pins bid, excellent communication!

  24. Awesome trader. Hope to trade with agian.

  25. Great trade- hope your little ladies like the pins!

  1. perfect trade and perfect trader!

  2. Perfect trader! Thanks for a great trade

  3. Love! perfect trader!

  4. More that 1+ for this amazing trader!

  5. Amazing for helping with pickups!

  6. Super sweet zap for my girls! Love!

  7. Perfect trade and trader!

  8. Thanks for a great trade!

  9. Amazing trader!!!!! Thanks for a great trade!

  10. perfect buy! Thanks for helping out getting pins for people who not live at a pa

  11. Loved the pins and zaps. Thanks for trading with us!

  12. Loved the pins. Thanks for trading with us!!!

  13. Thanks for an amazing trade! Love the pins!

  14. Thanks for the trade! Highly recommended as trader!

  15. Got an amazing package today! Was a trade, felt like a zap! Thanks!!!

  16. Thanks for letting me win your auction. We love the dolls!

  17. Helped me get the best christmas gift for my girls. LOVE! Thank you!

  18. great trader! Loved my pins!

  19. Great seller! Thanks for helping me get the pins!

  20. A perfect trader! Thanks for trading with me! Love my pins!

  21. Great trader! Thanks for trading with us! Love the pins!

  22. Amazing trader! Thanks for a great trade! Love evrything!

  23. Amazing trader! Thanks for a great trade! Love evrything!

  24. Great seller! Loved the pins! Thanks!

  25. Got zapped in the christmas card exchange. Loved our pins and Candy! Thanks!