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  2. Worked out a great multi-trade! Awesome trader!

  3. Great Trade - Love Tiana

  4. Great Seller! Look forward to working with again!

  5. Great trade along with zap! Adorably packaged!

  6. Great auction pin! Safely wrapped and delivered quickly! Thank so much! :D

  7. Sabrina is a wonderful person to trade with, thank you for my zaps!

  8. a fantstic trader and a zap to boot would recomend

  9. Great trader!! Pins are beautiful, good packaging, thanks for the trade!

    • Trader
    • Sami (27)
    • Mar 26, 2018
  10. Thank you for the awesome pin bid on my auction!

  11. Thanks for a great SS exchange

  12. Thanks for the great bid and wonderful goodies!

  13. Great seller. Very happy with entire transaction!!!

  14. Thank you so much for the auction goodies!

  15. Thank you for the trade! Love the pins!

  16. Thank you so much for the wonderful trade!

  17. Than you for the great bid on my auction!

  18. Recieved my pins today ,awesome trader !!

  19. Thank you for your winning bid!

  20. Thank you for a great auction!

  21. Thank you for a great Secret Santa 2016

  22. Thank you for a great Secret Santa 2016

  23. Great Trade! Would Trade Again.

  24. Lovely Zero pin! Thanks for my first auction trade. :-)

  25. A fantastic trader and an awesome zap would highly recommend!

  26. It was a pleasure trading with you.

  27. Merry Christmas in July!!!

  28. Thanks for the great auction!

  29. It's always nice to trade with you! :)

  30. Thank you for a wonderful auction trade! The Snow White magnet zap is lovely :)

  31. A great trade for some pins for a figure!

  32. A great bid! Thanks a lot!

  33. Wonderful person to trade with!

  34. Thank you for bidding on my auction, and for adding the Fauna pin :)

  35. Received your trade bid pin, thank you!

  36. Thank you for the trade!

  37. Wonderful auction ~ thanks so much!!!

  38. Pins arrived safely! Awesome auction bid! Thanks so much!

  39. Thanks for another great trade! Always a pleasure!

  40. What a huge multi pin trade! Thank you!

  41. Sent pins quickly and incuded a ZAP. Thanks for bidding in the auction!

  42. Received my auction pin today, thank you!

  43. Thanks for bidding on my auction!

  44. Thank you for the great PIF :)

  45. Pins received today, thank you!

  46. Thank you for the excellent trades Sabrina!

  47. Delightful trader! Helped me get a couple DLP pins for my friend! Thanks!

  48. Pin came quickly, thanks for the great auction!

  49. Thank you and all the best

  50. what a great auction to be part of!!!

  51. always a pleasure to trade with!!!

  1. Thank you for the super fantastic Christmas in July presents,I truly love them all!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pin it up! I LOVE it!!

    • Trader
    • DawnB (6)
    • Jun 29, 2018
  3. Wonderful trader ,Thanks for all the goodies! Sorry about the previous negative,Please ignore that.

  4. I sent trades and gave her a zap pin too to help her out but she never sent me any pins and then ignored me too,PLEASE AVOID!!!

  5. Thank you for your purchases! Very quick payment and a fantastic customer!

  6. Wonderful trades from a really amazing person, Thank you for the lovely zap as well!

  7. Fantastic trades,Amazing trader!

  8. Thank you for the lovely trade!

  9. Fantastic trade and wonderful zaps,Thank you. Awesome person !!

  10. Wonderful trade,kindly purchased items specially for me to buy and sent me some wonderful zaps too! You are AWESOME!!

  11. Amazing pins for my auction and trade to add to my collection.Thank you for the lovely zap too. AWESOME trader.

    • Trader
    • Sami (27)
    • Mar 13, 2018
  12. Thank you for the wonderful pin from your auction and the amazing zap! AMAZING pin trader.

  13. Pin trading excellence.Thank you for the great trade and the wonderful zaps for my collection! AWESOME trader.

  14. Thank you for the fantastic pin for my auction and the wonderful zap!!

  15. Thank you for the fantastic pins for the trades!

  16. Very happy with the pins i purchased,Thanks for the lovely zap too!

  17. Thank you for the FANTASTIC Chip Rescue Rangers pin zap !

  18. Thank you for the wonderful pin it up gifts ! You're AWESOME!

  19. Fantasic auction ,purchase and AWESOME zap !! Thank you.

  20. Thank you for the fantastic trades and amazing zap! Wonderful person.

  21. Thanks for the great pin trade and fantastic zap !

  22. Thanks for the great pins from the pin game.

  23. Thank you for the amazing pin it up you sent me !!

  24. Great pins from a great trader ! Thanks.

  25. Thank you for your wonderful auction pin and the super zaps too ! Best ever !