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  2. Great Trade from a Great Trader

  3. Great pickup! Thanks with the help with Ellie!

    • Buyer
    • Tokaji (39)
    • May 29, 2018
  4. Fast, Fair, and a Fabulous trader!

  5. Great to deal with as usual.

  6. Great Trader! Worked with me every step of the way. Already working on another trade for her. People like this is what makes pin trading fun.

  7. Great trader

    • Trader
    • Donna (285)
    • Mar 16, 2018
  8. Great communication!

  9. So happy you won another Pin for your collection. This lady is a pleasure to do business with.

  10. Great communication. Fast shipment. Great pin. Thanks!

  11. Erin is the best!!! Thank you so much for the grail! <3

    • Trader
    • NutMeg (8)
    • Mar 1, 2018
  12. Erin helped me get an amazing pin at an unbeatable price! Great communication, and fast shipping, too. Thanks a million!

  13. Super great Auction. Beautiful huge Robin Hood pin. I love it. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for a great SS exchange

  15. Thanks for a great SS exchange

  16. Loved the opportunity to help with the BatB set. Also, thank you for helping me obtian both PP varients. Wonderful trade!

  17. Just awesome!

  18. Great trader! :D

  19. great to deal with. thanks for the trade.

  20. DSSH PTD Mayor Lionheart - Great communications - Thanks!

  21. Great trade for Awesome Aladdin pins

  22. DSF Christmas Pin purchase. Sent quickly and packaged well! Recommended!

  23. Great Trader. Highly recommend. Thanks so much!

  24. Fast shipping & great communication. Pin is perfect. Thanks!! :0)

  25. Awesome auction. Fast ship!

  26. Amazing timing! So glad you helped me get DSF pins! Quick delivery too :)

    • Buyer
    • Ocean7 (30)
    • Dec 7, 2017
  27. Thank you for the cool gloves and awesome Zero!

  28. Promp payment! Wonderful buyer!

  29. great auction, super fast shipping! AAA+++ Thanks!!!

  30. Thanks for teh awesome trade to keep my Judy collection going!

  31. Alice Signpost Pickup - Thanks for offering! Love the pin.

  32. A pleasure to work with, September pickups.

  33. Very happy with this trade! Thanks again!

  34. Did pickups for me at LIAA event. Super fast shipping after the event!

  35. Extremely friendly! Great communication. Thank you!

  36. Thanks bringing fish girl and harp girl to WDW! :)

  37. Great trader. Nice to finally meet you too.

  38. LiaA trade - Great trade with even better trader

  39. Thank you for the DSSH pickup. Great communication & fast shipment.

  40. Great Trader

  41. Great communication and great help in doing pickups at DSSH. Thanks so much!

  42. Thanks for doing the cuites pickup. Great communication and great help!

  43. I love my new Stitch and Pegasus!! Thank you for the pickup!!

  44. Thank you! :)

  45. Flash Pickup for Cursive Cuties - Can't thank you enough Erin!

  46. Thank you so much, Erin, for the cuties! They are amazing!!

  47. Thanks so much for the Pegasus Pickup, it looks amazing!!

  48. Thanks for helping distribute the DSF luck!

  49. I can't decide if she is super amazing or super awesome...

  50. A pleasure to work with, July pickups.

  51. Thanks for doing the pickup. Fast shipment and excellent communication.

  1. Great PODM auction! Thanks for picking me as runner up. Love the PODM!

    • Trader
    • CanaDaLE (52)
    • Friday at 12:42 PM
  2. Snow White Grotto PODH pick up! Thank you!

    • Seller
    • Sami (26)
    • Friday at 12:41 PM
  3. Rivers of America PODH pick up. Thank you!!

    • Seller
    • pincrazy (6)
    • Friday at 12:41 PM
  4. Worked out a great multi-trade! Awesome trader!

  5. Happy to help with Ellie PTD! Great buyer, quick payment!

    • Buyer
    • Tokaji (39)
    • May 29, 2018
  6. Helped me get another grail! Awesome trader, quick shipping, and great communication!

  7. Awesome trader, fast shipping, and great communication! Can't wait to trade again!

  8. Awesome to trade with! Great communication and fast shipping!

  9. Super helpful!! Absolute pleasure to work with!

  10. Amazing trader to work with! Thanks for trading me my first ACME SUPER JUMBO!!

  11. Thank you for the awesome trade! It was my first international trade, too!

    • Trader
    • Donna (285)
    • Mar 16, 2018
  12. Great communication, quick payment, DSF Pooh character block

  13. Thanks for trading me a Belle grail! Awesome trader who always packs extra goodies <3

    • Trader
    • NutMeg (8)
    • Mar 1, 2018
  14. Bought the Mad Hatter DLR PODH off Facebook auction. Thank you for helping my collection!

  15. Quick payment! DSF Slightly PTD

  16. Quick payment! Happy to help pick up your last Lost Boy PTD!

  17. Thank you for bidding on WDI Robin Hood heart! I'm so happy to achieve a grail pin!!

  18. Thank you for helping me finish this set! Great trader!!

  19. Fun, intense auction. Thanks for the stunning silhouette of Belle!

  20. Thank you for the awesome pins and great deals!

  21. Thanks for the pixar ornament auction! Love my Wall-E and he's on my tree!!

  22. Great trader, communication, and shipping :D

  23. Excellent auction bids for Alice PTD. Thanks for the pins!

  24. Set up a pre-trade & finally got to make it! Thanks for the trade!

  25. Thank you for the mega trade! Awesome trader!