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  1. AbsoluteMate
    Just made this account ain't gonna lie... pretty excited.
  2. Shelterkat
  3. Shelterkat
  4. Addicted to Alice Pins
    Addicted to Alice Pins Ajk
    OK, all your bunny pix are great, but this month's is the best! Love the bow! Ha ha.
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    2. Ajk
      Thanks! Glad you like it.
      Jun 13, 2019
  5. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat Nikki Grasty
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat monmycloud
    Happy Birthday!
  7. Shelterkat
  8. kimkinsey97
    kimkinsey97 carinasthingamabobs
    I am interested in the 35810 and 32127. Let me know
  9. Vinecote
    Vinecote OpieDoodle
    I may have pins you want
    If on pinpics let me know your member name
    Mine is Vinecote
    Selling them all
  10. Vinecote
    Vinecote carinasthingamabobs
    I have checked my pinpics which is Vinecote
    I have 25 pins you want
    I am selling all mine so if interested please let me know
  11. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat Wolfcryrain
    Happy Birthday!
  12. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat 2Jewels
    Happy Birthday!
  13. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat QWERTYPie
    Happy Birthday!
  14. krand1276
    krand1276 broadwaybookworm
    Happy birthday!
  15. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat katpogo
    Happy Birthday!
  16. Shelterkat
  17. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat zosodp
    Happy Birthday!
  18. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat berrygood
    Happy Birthday!
  19. PinTraderSam
    PinTraderSam Stewbaws
    Hello I have not heard back from you about finishing the auction trade. I sent you info through your inbox.
  20. krand1276
    krand1276 Disneychildwithin
    Missing you! Please come back!
    1. Disneychildwithin
      Missed you too Katherine! Darn that life drama for keeping me away! lol
      Jun 5, 2019
  21. krand1276
    krand1276 pretty Omi
    Yay! Happy birthday! Hope it’s a great one!
  22. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat pretty Omi
    Happy Birthday!
  23. Shelterkat
    Shelterkat TMedoff
    Happy Birthday!
  24. MonsterPeg
    Looking to make friends & spreading joy and Disney magic thru this hobby :)
  25. MonsterPeg
    Just starting out. Small collection. Always appreciate the help in acquiring my “dream pins” or holy grails & in telling reals from fakes.