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  • Just wondering if you got my message about the pin. When do you think you'll be able to send it back??
    Well.... They aren't HORRIBLE! And at least you got some. People are selling really bad scenes on Ebay and people are still buying them LOL
    Yeah. He was trying to get me a ballroom because our anniversary he bought me the belle and beast statue so for Xmas he wanted to give me the matching pin :(
    but its alright. The other two since their not really of belle I doubt my mom would want them. She thinks their cute. It's just not like Gorgeous.
    I posted them!
    Haha not even. I ADORED the scean you and echo got! That one was the beast. Didn't really have a good choise of belle it was mostly beast options which I didn't exactly like. Not even one ballroom within all 3 of us.
    Well thank you for letting me keep the pin you put in! LOL
    ill post up pictures of them in a sec :)
    I have sent you several PM's over the past 13 days, asking you to contact me because I did not receive the pins I purchased, but you have not responded. Since you are currently logged on, please respond.
    yes, I got it, sorry I saw another message from one of my pin buds, and was responding to her message, I'll think on the bag and can pay you tomorrow for the pin, send me your paypal address and i'll pay ya. I'll let you know about the bag. sorry I don't wanna jump in and say yes because I just remembered I am waiting to hear back from another member who's trying to get me the carpet bag one and if she gets it im going to have to pay her for it, so let me hold off and if she tells me she couldn't get it i'll let you know.
    sorry about that- my computer freaked out and wont let me back in chat :/ but yea, i dont really need a pin bag rightnow!
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