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    Destination D23 Pins

    Ah! I hope everyone got what they wanted! Randomly, I have two things to mention! 1.) Do you think we should form an "official" pin trading day/time? I know people will be in and out the whole weekend, but it would be nice if we arranged a time that MOST of us would be there. 2.) If they...
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    Park Pin Trading News

    Yeah, I thought that new logo was interesting when I saw it. Because it implies a certain guarantee- that you're getting an "authentic" Disney pin with this exchange. Which means that in order to follow through on that, they'd have to shuttle every pin traded TO them in a box, and put an...
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    Wanted: DEC Princesses (Halloween, Ovals, and Maybe Christmas)

    Hi, everyone! Since these still aren't up on Pinpics, I thought I might try here. I'm changing up my shadowbox displays for the holidays, and I'm missing some pieces. Please let me know if you have them to trade (especially if you live in the Central Florida area). Pinpics: abyssinian28 What...
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    Yep! And she's a detective! Her first outfit is super cute.
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    MOG is usually the only vendor. Destination D is really very small compared to D23- it's like comparing SDCC to a local anime con. If they're only doing RSPs, then I'd say the chances are smaller...but anything is possible! Especially if they have leftovers from previous releases.
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    I won't go far as to say that I'm glad that I didn't get into Destination D. I mean, good traders are good traders (plus all the panels and such). I will say, though, that that hurt a lot less than it could have.
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    Disney Happy Meal Toys!

    It's so funny you mention this, because about a month ago I was in some antique malls/thrift stores, and they had big Rubbermaid bins of Happy Meal toys in the front, and a girl (around college age) was digging through them like whoa. When these came out, I thought of her and how many Happy...
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    Disney Happy Meal Toys!

    Got my first last night- it was Thumper!
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    2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown

    There's a ton of ideas out there that they haven't tapped into- just sitting here, I've come up with, like, 10. -World Travelers (a natural, for EPCOT) -Attractions (could also be called something like "A Day in the Park") -Space! (think of a Pigs in Space pin!) -Princesses (we've been waiting...
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    2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown

    So, for locals- with such large edition sizes, I have to wonder what the point of registering for the event is if they're just going to drop the pins in the Parks afterwards. I think only a handful of items will be sold out, so if the pins are anyone's primary goal, it would seem smarter to save...
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    2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown

    I'm sad to say it, but I think this will be the first event that I won't be attending since 2006, breaking a 15 year streak. Normally, if I don't like the pins, it's okay, because at least I'll get to go trading. But with an online event, there's just no real benefit here. I don't like any of...
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    2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown

    Meh. They....definitely seemed to pick a couple of IPs and ran with them, didn't they? And a lot of the pins look small, boxy, and cluttered (a long standing complaint I have about the event pins). It picks up a little towards the end, but still...pretty disappointing.
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    td and collectibles, my dpins and collectibles,local pin shops in Florida and California

    I have yet to find a shop in Florida that I feel doesn't sell scrappers. Even if they're not buying them directly from China themselves, they're taking in "collections" that are full of them. And I know at least one of them in Kissimmee is doing the thing where they purchase new pins/mystery...
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    Paid FastPasses Coming to WDW and DLR

    I recommend, especially if you're coming from somewhere else, to roll that WDW money into going to Tokyo Disneyland (when they open up), where the price of a ticket is about $75 per day, the fastpasses are still free, and the points don't matter!
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    DLR Magic Key Program (aka: AP)

    I'm at WDW, so this doesn't really affect me, but I, too, would hate a reservation based system. It's great for out-of-towners who are planning their trips ANYWAY, but garbage for locals, who just want to pop in for dinner, or because a friend is in town. If overcrowding is a problem, then I...