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  • Happy Valentine's Day, Mary-Lou!


    How have you been? Haven't seen or heard from you in a while! Hope all is good.
    Send me a message anytime if you want to talk.

    Love ya lots,
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful, amazing, fun filled day!!

    I wanted to thank you for the link to the Kristoff standee! I've never seen the shipping that low for one. (I bought one! I can't wait until he arrives! :D)
    Your inbox is full!! Just wanted to let you know that you don't owe me anything, though, because you ended up getting A Sister Like Me already...and all of the stores have been sold out of the lip balm for weeks :( (which I'm still on the lookout for...but until it comes back in stock, hopefully the blanket is a good replacement?)
    Hiya. I tried PMing you earlier, but your inbox was full. I was wondering if there were any added fees/taxes that you would get charged (so I know how much I need to send) for the soundtrack. And I can add extra to help cover the shipping (since the added weight will be more expensive). :) Thank youuuuuu!
    Your inbox is full :) But I can trade or buy you the pins @ cost :) I will go to DLP November 28th untill December 1st :)
    Hey!! I feel REALLY dumb right now. I have everything for my Halloween Swap partner but I haven't posted it yet. I've been worknig so much on my portfolio and with everything else happening I didn't even remember until I got MINE today!!!! DDD: It says I was supposed to send by the 6th and I COMPLETELY derped. I can have it out Saturday and it will definitely make it before the time it needs to be there! ,_, I was drawing her somthing which is why it took so long but I stopped everything because I started my portfolio class last Friday and it's my last class for graduating! D:

    PS your inbox is full.
    Visitor message chain mail!!!!!

    Cut and paste this message on the next person you see as ACTIVE on the forum, (as in they post something on a thread) Send them this as a visitor message, and make sure your name is on the chain mail list below, at the top of the list for most recent sender. Obviously sometimes someone will get this visitor message more than once, but that is ok!!!! YOU cut and paste to the most recently active forum poster, and so on.... Lets see how long we can make the list!!!!!

    Most recent sender:
    Psycho Pixie
    The link I posted above the image... I think you can message the store and ask them if they still have them.
    I have NO clue how much they would be.... o.o but maybe they can ship them to you??
    I saw them and KNEW I had to show you! ^.^
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