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  • OMG ~ you didn't see the Christmas set . Duffy is the completer . He's dressed in a santa suit and seated . I remember he had something in his hand that dangled . So Sweet ! I'm trying to find a picture .
    I'd like to come back in December to see the new Fantasyland open . I don't think it will happen . :( Will you please, please get me the Duffy Christmas completer pin . I think it gets released November 22nd . I will send you the money in advance .
    Hello Alexa! I'm sorry, I was able to work out a deal prior to seeing this. Thank you so much for your interest! I appreciate it :)
    Instead of clogging up your PMs, thought I'd just post a visitor message. YES, I am interested in Pen Pals. When I was younger, I used to have one in Austria that I'd correspond with once a month for a year or two (we got set up with pen pals in school). Then, she stopped writing :( But I have beautiful/cute stationary to use so I'd love to write. You have my address, right?@
    Hi Alexa! Do you still have any cheap pins for sale? I tried to find your thread with the $3 pins but I lost it!
    Your inbox is full...
    There were several pins we asked for duplicates of, and only received one:
    Requested 3, received 1: Pin 81768: WDW - 40 Years of Magic – Spinner X3
    Requested 2, received 1: Pin 84595: Star Tours® - The Adventures Continue - Darth Vader with Skytrooper X2
    Requested 2, received 1: Pin 85382: Halloween 2011 - Flaming Pumpkin Mickey X2

    Also, one of the pins was pretty badly damaged (89849: Sorcerer Mickey - It's Magic). We had requested two of this pin, and one was in good condition but the other was not.

    Can we replace the damaged pin, and could you please send the other 4 that weren't included? I'm sure it was just a simple mistake, but I just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much!
    Hey Alexa, did you get the message that I sent you? Please respond when you get a chance. Thanks!
    Ah I recently got that pin actually. ^_^; Forgot to edit the thread to take it off pending. Sorry about that. o_o Thanks for the offer though! :)
    Hey Alexa,
    I was wondering did you go to the last Florida pin trader night? I've been searching to see if I'm crazy or not ( I can't find the posts with the pictures of the board) I guess there's a mystery box comming out just for Florida and I could have sworn Ariel was appart of that box. Let me know if you have any idea. :)
    Mulan chaser - yes, still need it. Also need Belle color. Hmm, gotta figure out a good price, unless you're interested in trading? I have some Duffy Hidden Mickey pins from this year's release (I think some extras) and two Three Caballeros pins. :)
    Hi honey! 15 freakin days!! are you off work thursday? I want to meet, toast your b day for real --a bit late but who cares?!!! I got the 2 attraction poster, you are a doll and i appreciate it so much...i may have assignments in the future..lol Hope life is better this week, keep your chin up and dont dwell on negative things cause it makes more negative thigs attract to you. leaving feedback and a treade propsal in PM later xo
    Got your visitor's message. If you happen to find you have an extra Rapunzel crest and Ariel - as long as it's not part of a set you're trying to sell - I could use those too :)
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