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  • Hi,
    I'm getting a bit concerned you haven't written since the trade was agreed.
    Did you receive the Ariel pins i sent for the trades please? I hope you liked the Ariel nesting doll pin zap i added. Have you managed to send the pins to me yet please? Thank you.
    That's great news, I have some hidden pins somewhere as well. You know when you put something somewhere safe? And that somewhere safe is really somewhere safe, so much so that you can't find it Well, I've not found that somewhere safe yet. I need to be stashing some money in that somewhere safe place.
    Got your package today-- I am so in love with that pin. Thank you so so so much for trading with me even though you already have the WDI portrait pins. I love all the other Snows that you included in with it. Thank you!!!
    Hey any updates with the princess pins did you check the shipping costs?
    The first of the WDI's came today... super excited!! The rest should be here by the middle of next week. Can't wait to finalize a trade with you haha. Also, I apologize if you got the same PM from me twice- my mailbox has been a bit wonky.
    Ehh, I'm not too crazy about this 2 for 3 trade. Is there anyway you can add 1 more pin, like 3816 or 80615. I really love my Dumbo haha
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