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  • Yah that one! Idk what time I'm going yet I really want the marquee so ill probably be there around opening
    Hahah good one! Yah we will probably be there Thursday an Tuesday! And most likely the dsf release! You goin to that?
    LOL maybe I didn't see you guys because I'm so tall aha JKJK!!!!! :D I'm going on Thursday to buy the Little Mermaid PODH. Are you guys going?
    Yah I'm most likely going to keep this scene! Hmm you don't ring a bell, well I'm a little on the shorter side and I'm always with my girlfriend when I go to DL she's a shorter one to! When are you going again?
    Oh nice! That's a great scene! I like that one better than the one with Rafiki's whole body because you can see Simba's face a lot better :) hey maybe you have! I'm kinda tall with black hair lol. I'm in my profile pic hahaha. I might have seen you before too!
    Haha yah I need to narrow down the scenes I want to keep! I got the circle of life:) but you can only see rifiks hands not his whole body! That's I usually go on Thursday to! Maybe I've seen you before?!
    Yes we should take over!! ha! Ohhh nice!! What scene did you get!? :) I love Lion King PODMs! So many great scenes! I only picked 3 for keeps though haha. Oh that's cool though, at least you can go more often than not :) I have a pass as well, and I try to go once a week. Usually on Thursdays when new pins are released, or on Saturdays or Sundays to trade and go on rides!! :)
    Haha I think we're some of the only people whose main collections are UP and Lion King! My collection is pretty small too, since there aren't a lot of UP or Lion King pins :( But oh well! And some of them are super hard to find! Do you go to DLR regularly?
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