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  • Hey Jennifer!

    I attempted to send you a message but couldn't. Either way, I'll get your pins in the mail on Monday! :)
    Hi Jennifer, (your inbox was full) :)

    Didn't have any chance to make the post office before closure ...which is only open in the morning until midday on saturday. However will mail out on monday for sure ;) Kevin.
    please pm me your address for the pick and list game so that I can send the Stitch biting through the cable pin to you, thanks.
    Oh my goodness, that zap was such an awesome thing to get in the mail today. Thank you so much, I love it! and the stickers :)
    Absolutely in LOVE with the pins we traded. Thank you so much!! I'm excited to get the rest of the pins from you, but hoping I don't like tooooo many of them so much that I don't want to trade haha :)
    I am so glad to see you back online. so many games waiting for you to join, Im sure. haha
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