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  • I haven't received the text yet...but that is weird o_O Consider myself freaked out haha xD The anticipation is killing me! Which one is it??? SB, LM, some secret 7th one that only you received in the entire world?!?!? THE WAIT IS KILLING ME HAHA!!!!

    P.S. Hollie is sad because you weren't on SKYPE?!?!? How could you do that to her!!!!!
    P.S.S. I officially signed up for the 1/2 marathon and I'll text you the dates I'll be in CA...we MUST meet up!
    You better be on Skype soon missy I was there with my porridge and thete was no you. I miss your face! Sebes too
    Yo Marissa, where you beez at?!? lmao I haven't talked to you in like...5 days...that's a long time O_O haha xD Hope everything is fine over where it's warm, the grass is green, and the street pavement tastes like gumdrops ;D
    SCAR - Wanted to become King.
    URSULA - Wanted to rule the seas.
    WICKED QUEEN - Wanted to rule as the most beautiful woman in the land.
    JAFAR - Wanted to rule in the Sultan’s place and/or obtain ultimate power.
    Maleficient, by contrast, didn’t want any of that. She didn’t want more power. She didn’t want fame. She didn’t want to rule. She just wanted to raise hell. This is the woman who decided that every newborn child in the kingdom should die and that the land should be covered in darkness for one reason - SHE WASN’T INVITED TO A MOTHERFUCKING PARTY.
    OK CREEPY...i was PMing you while you VM me......are you hitting on me?
    Thanks! The big balloon house was very difficult to find! I'm glad that it's on its way to me! Best of luck to you! I'll keep my eyes peeled (I've been searching every day, I'll just continue!)
    I read!

    I'm so happy for you. That is an absolutely amazing thing to happen. Congratulations. :)
    YAY! I'm so glad you got it and that you liked it. I know it wasn't on your wants but I thought is was such an interesting pin. Again, thanks for all you do with helping us out of towners get pins at reasonable prices. :)
    I could never get tired of him.

    If it ever happens, I'll let you know before anybody. :D
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