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  • Hi ,sorry but i never received a pm from you about winning your Cinderella auction ,please pm me with your address ,thanks from Sabrina .
    Thank you so much for the wonderful package! I saw that you put a lot of care and time into that it. Thank you so so much! Merry Christmas :)
    You are so welcome! I am really pleased you liked everything :) it was lots of fun for me to put it together :)
    I'm happy to wait so please just send me your address for the trade whenever you're ready,thanks again .
    Awesome! I just received yours too! Thanks so much for the flowers too, they're a big help, can't wait to start on the wig! :D And haha, glad you like the zap! <3 Thank you!
    Hey there!! Your trades list is basically all of my wants list, hahah, I'm bummed that I don't have anything you're looking for though. Perhaps in the future.

    PS- It's a good name, I'd say the best name and all the best people have it :p

    I was drawn in, to be honest, by the fact that your avatar and profile picture are snow white!! I was hoping to check out your wants/trades but it says you don't have any?
    Anyway, I enjoyed stumbling across a fellow Snow White fan :wavey:

    come visit soon or ill get cute animals to dra you here for pplay days

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