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  • I hope you like the PTN pins...the spinners are cute but truth be told i liked the stained glass better. see you soon girl. xo SEPTEMBER!
    hey Sandy!!

    <excited trader wavey!?>

    ummm... remember the pin from the pin event?

    please let me know if you want to trade!!!

    VEry IntrSTEd!!

    happy hunting
    Hi there, hope you are doing okay! :)

    Please let me know about the check for the Tangled PODM, your pin will be with me on Monday morning, so I would like to send the check and the pin both at once if that is okay... please let me know what you think, and thank you and have a wonderful day! :) <3
    Hi again, i wanted to know more about the trade to you fade? I spoke to someone on here about it and then ERASED the conversation!! good grief. Bring something yummy to share? a grab bag? I def cant do a nice sleepover thing, but was gonna come up for a few hours at some point. Please tell me the hours and any other important details.
    Hey there, are you still meeting this friday in somerset? how many people usually attend? im gonna try and be there at 7pm
    Hey Sandy, haven't seen you post in a while. Hope all is well and that I'll see you soon at WDW. Margaret
    hippo birdie two ewes ,
    hippo birdie two ewes

    hippo birdie two ewes
    hipp0 birdie two ewes

    all the party animals want to hang with you on your birthday!!
    Haha my butt just laughed! Yes great time in Cali....that group was a ton of fun! Wonderful pin trading events and you are a riot....screaming at the people at the airport to get a room, fantastic!
    I guess since we are trading multiple pins, we could be friends. LOL

    Thanks for the invite.
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