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    D23 Gold Member Roll Call

    My mom has the main gold membership and I have her affiliate add on one, whatever exactly that new thing is called. I can buy the exclusive stuff and get the discounts, but don’t get the magazine or the annual member “gift,” Mom does. I want the BoxLunch Pluto but there is no BoxLunch physical...
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    I always posted pictures through Tapatalk and I don’t think that’s working but there’s 3 new of the mini jumbo movie family pins according to Disney pin blog. Peter Pan Little Mermaid Sword in the Stone
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #7

    My candy stash and lovely pin arrived today. Thanks so much!!
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    Sold/Ended: *11/12 DTD MERCH/PIN PICK UPS (Hoping for SCENTS & NBC GB MB's)

    I definitely want in on the one Small World Cruiser lottery! If you make it back and there's any left on a future run, I'll still be interested then, too, whether I get this one or not. Hoping to get one for myself and one for my niece eventually but like I said before I know this one is a hot...
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    Sold/Ended: *11/12 DTD MERCH/PIN PICK UPS (Hoping for SCENTS & NBC GB MB's)

    Saw the new Small World parks cruiser was supposedly released at Downtown Disney. Would love 2 if possible but I know they’ll go fast and others will likely want one (or more) as well.
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #7

    Thanks so much for some fun distractions in a crazy week!
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    Sold/Ended: 11/5 DTD PIN/MERCH PICK UPS

    This is probably a stretch, but my mom was collecting the seasons set for my niece and the Merida Fall one sold out at ShopDisney before she ordered it. I have no idea if it’s available at physical stores anywhere or was an online release only but if you see it, could I also get one of it...
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    Sold/Ended: 11/5 DTD PIN/MERCH PICK UPS

    Can I get 2 of the new Enchanted Emblem please?
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #6

    Most things should be obvious I think. For the pins and things that are maybe stretches... Pins used for frog, flower, balloons, plant Fish: baggie of board game tokens of fishes. Makeup: no one in my house has makeup. Closest I got was nail polish remover we use on super glue on fingers or...
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #5

    Oh wow! Thanks so much! I’m east coast so went to bed shortly after posting my puzzle and just saw this. Tough call between two of them for me but I’ll go with the 20,000 Leagues Magic of Honor please. @TonkaToy next to pick I believe
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #5

    Never done a rotate pieces before. I think it took me as long as your time just to figure out the controls for rotating. Lol. Then the dog wanted to be let out and I forgot to pause while doing that, but I was too far in to want to start over. The fun is in just doing it!
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #4

    Disney: Atlantis Pixar: Monster Inc
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    Completed Game: Flash Giveaway #3

    A little bummed to have had a busy night last night and miss out on bingo so jumping in early this time! I think I only got main Disney/Pixar animated movies with no repeats. Thanks again for the fun games and much needed breaks from midterm grading and general world stress! Aurora (Sleeping...
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    Sold/Ended: I collect pets!

    If there’s one available, I’m looking for one for my mom.