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  • OH AL!! i got the 2 pins today! the 3 cabellaros pin is wayyy better than i even thought. I didnt know it was 3D, love it! and Dajali is as cute and well done as i hoped. Thanks for trading. Get back to you on the BT--looking good, giving it til tonight.
    hey al , Did you get cruella?
    hope you enjoy!!!
    Thanks for a great auction even if my pin won but I didnt!!!:rofl:
    hi Al thanks for the awesome brother bear pin. Im still drooling over the anita and Roger pins....so if you ever see something think of me.
    Yo mr. popular your mailbox is full.
    anyway thanks for the BB pn...i just saw the movie again and so wanted this pin with the salmon in it?
    your dc 9400109699938503878451
    Hi Al--i got my pin today and love him. Do you know how long i have wanted the cold blooded penguin?? like forever and it alluded me--til now. thanks so much!
    Your box is full! ho ones! Here is abotu the pins though:

    no they aren't. I bought my Tarzan one from company D as a cast member and I got the Cinderella pin from a friend who only wanted half the original set (it was from a 4-5 pin set I think)
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