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  • Hi,i saw you mentioned about non disney pins ,i would be interested in trading for cartoon character ones like betty boop and hanna barbera cartoon characters,woody woodpecker and any others please,please let me know what you have and take a look at my trade list.
    thanks from Sabrina.

    I got my package today!!! Thank you so much for the fun socks and cute pencils! :)

    I look forward to future trades!

    i sent you a PM and an email regarding our trade. Please drop me a quick line telling me when you mailed and the DC#--thanks alot.
    hi,i am still waiting for my pins from the cars finn mcmissile auction that i held and it ended on august 5th.what's going on ??? you told me you received finn mcmissile.i know you've had problems but this is an immense amount of time now... i don't get replies back from you now and if you don't reply soon i feel i'll have no choice but leave you negative feedback sorry .i feel very let down. thanks.
    hi,i pm'ed you but you never replied:(. i still haven't received my pins from the cars finn mcmissile auction you won and i'm getting really worried :cry:,when did you send them please? :anxious:. you never wrote to say you got finn mcmissile,have you received it please... please let me know,thank you.
    hi, did you receive my pm a couple of days ago,sorry to bother you but i never heard back from you, you won the cars finn mcmissile pin auction i held ,thanks for bidding,please send your details so i can send him out ,thank you from Sabrina.:)
    hey there..hope all is well.... thank you agian for getting all of us in to this crazy
    I want that pin so badly, you have no idea. I didn't even know this forum existed until a few months ago so I don't have a huge list of traders I have built up over years of doing this... but I am hopeful that I will get it one day. I actually traded for one of the Disney Auctions TP pins off a cast member the very first trip to WDW that I started trading on, and I never looked back. I see you have a few TP pins in your collection too!! I like Hercules and Tarzan a lot as well. Japan is great but Disney here is SO different (just because of cultural differences) than in the States. If you ever plan on coming out here let me know and I can tell you more about what it is like so you can be better prepared!
    Hello everyone. Please know that I will be out of the country for the next week. We will be in Jamaica! Just in case you request a trade. I will get back to you when I return.
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