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  • It was actualy a My-D pin event ;-p lol jk. But it was fun, and enjoyed talking to you too. And thanks for the friend request. I'm sure we'll see more of each other. Keep it Magical.
    I think I have a trade that I just found on the card . It's 46588. Stitch with his head in the Lions mouth . I know the LE is not the same, but it is an older one on your wants . I added it to my trades or I have an not sure you want or need it DS UK LE 500 Tinkerbell on block .
    No , I did not ! You are the best Catz ! I don't have many pins left to trade, but if you need anything from my left over collection or trades, PLMK .
    Thank You
    Yup, we will be there. We will be going to the DPF dinner at The Cheesecake Factory too. You are more than welcome to come, hope to see you there! And hey, if not, lets just meet up sometime. You live like 5 minutes away for goodness sake. I live on Cypress Ave across from Cope Jr. High if you know where that is.
    Yeah we need to pick a day and time to trade. You have an annual pass? We could carpool to the park sometime too.
    hey u....glad u made u just need sum info and friends..... lol.... hope u have fun here.... DPF is the best....
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