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  • Mostly I'm just excited by all the new pins that have appeared! I just got a notification that today is exactly a year and a week since I signed up. I had no idea! Glad I came by and it told me :) I don't think I can update everything all at once though, there's way too much I've let go dormant here -___- it DOES feels good to be trading again :)
    OH MY GOSH!!!

    I just felt so terrible for taking so long to thank you!! You deserved it for your amazing gifts to me :)! Thanks so much again!!
    Oh cool! I never got any merchandise from the other lines. I do have my do tiana pin though :D

    I really want the lithos! I would definitely frame them! I think the artwork for this set is amazing! :)
    ill let you know if my store gets anything you need! :)
    I hear you! :) I'd love to see the designer merchandise in person! My store gets things kind of late and I didn't see any shirts when the villains came out. :( The jewelry looks pretty.

    If Jodi Benson shows up I will just keep over and die. >.<
    Oh awesome! I love that bag! Did you hear? Pat Carroll ( aka Ursula) was there today!! :( what I would've gave to have been there to get an autograph!!! :sad:

    there was a really beautiful Rapunzel shirt for the designer line! It had rhinestones as little lanterns :)
    Boy what a day! This pin community is going to lose their minds this weekend! o_O

    Im glad disney is limiting the designers to a certain amount each day. Thank you for asking by the way! Did you see the shirts for the collection? They are SOO pretty! I love the Rapunzel one! :)
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