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  • Hahaha i kno my sister told me your were chasing a guy for his pins lol! ur crazy! but ya i will let u kno if i see anyone willing to trade that ariel i promise and i have not traded the aurora like i promised :) haha
    Hey girl i couldnt find you friday after we had to leave ptn! Idk when your going on your trip but have fun!
    Thank you. :) He's Phantom Manor's Ezra; the Stationmaster of Phantom Canyon. He's more of a ghoul than a ghost but as you can tell he looks pretty similar to Hitchhiker Ezra. :D I hope one day a pin will be made of him; but there arn't many pins of the actual characters from the Manor at the moment. o_o
    lol that sounds like something I would do! :D I'm doing ok... I am getting the mermaid hinged book! My friend Becca(aliceadict) is zapping me with it!:eek2: I can't thank her enough! lol! how are things with you? :)
    I just saw your updated sig! Congrats on gettin your rapuznzel designer!:bigthumb: how did you get her?
    I can't wait for you to get it either- what a holy grail find!! :D

    Really??? Squeeeeee! That is so awesome!! Another reason to anxiously want to get to Disneyland again- so happy to hear once is beig given tribute at the parks! ^^
    Yay, yay and triple yay!!! Congrats on finding your rapunzel designer princess pin! :hsd: :hsd: :hsd:
    heey sweetie, I've been to the PO on Wed and Thursday, so one of those days your package went, think on Wednesday :)
    Thanks again!
    Just Dropping by to say Hi! :3

    HOLY CRAP! leaving feedback...i literally gasped at the treats you stuck in. First i have an obsession with the pre-2000 pins that are done in the old cloisonne tradition--i think i shed a tear at daisy! How did you know? and the cinderealla??? that was too kind and its lovely and 3D--just a wonderfal addition to my crazy huge collection.
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