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    Collections you just never seem to finish....

    I only really collect open edition stuff anyway, so, uh, yes? :D Really it's just a question of when new 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Fantasia pins come out and if I can actually get my mitts on any.
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    Main Street Electrical Parade is back!!!

    The MSEP is very much a product of the 70's. Its construction is relatively simple (essentially Christmas lights on frames over golf carts) and its soundtrack is very 70's early synth... But it actually works. That's the charm of it. Something like Paint the Night was more technologically...
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    Main Street Electrical Parade is back!!!

    There is a charming simplicity to the Main Street Electrical parade that Paint the Night was never able to recapture. It was TOO big and loud and brash. There's such a thing as overdoing it... Main Street Electrical Parade doesn't overdo it. It's sweet and small and kind of "outdated," which all...
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    Main Street Electrical Parade is back!!!

    Y'know, I've never seen it actually ON Main Street. I've seen it in California Adventure and I've seen it in front of the castle at WDW, but never actually on Main Street at Disneyland. I might have to actually go to Disneyland in 2022 now :D
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    DLR prices increased

    Don't forget that they also raised parking prices while simultaneously "selling out" of the only tier of passes that includes parking! I don't mind the annual $5 price hike, or the additional tier in regular tickets, or even the parking (since those latter two are kind of irrelevant to me)...
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    Sold/Ended: UPDATE: (10/30) Next DLR Pin/Merch Pick Up Date: Thursday - 11/4

    I'd totally use your service if I knew what pins there were! :D
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    Disney Happy Meal Toys!

    I look forward to seeing those in thrift shops in a few years ;)
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    Ready for Halloween with this Board!

    Super cute!
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    Wanted: Anybody else want to co-op the D23 WDW 50th 5-pin set?

    So apparently someone went rogue and decided to keep their D23 Exclusive Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Pin Set (and I don't blame them, they are adorable). Are there any other D23 Gold members out there who want to go co-op on this? All I want is the sea serpent pin.
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    Updated Skeleton Dance pin board

    And did my brain immediately start playing the song? Yes it did! Great collection!
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    Sold/Ended: Co-op: D23 5 Pin Set Most Magical Kingdom

    Any word on this yet? :D
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    Souvenir Pin Canvas

    This isn't very exciting, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I got around to making a canvas for our souvenir pins to go along with the ones for my 20,000 Leagues and Fantasia collections. It's not the most exciting canvas, but it works. The pins are the mementoes of the places, tours, and events...
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    Paid FastPasses Coming to WDW and DLR

    Now imagine all of that with an exchange rate of $0.75 on the US dollar... Disney's priced me right out of going, even if the Genie app and "boarding group" system didn't look like the most complicated thing in the world when all I want to do is just pay my admission and go on rides. My wife and...
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    Mail Days Post

    These guys arrived today!... My Fantasia collection is coming along... Small but I like it...
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    New Canvases - Fantasia and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - UPDATED 8/20/21: Mail day!

    Mail day!! I found an online dealer with some Loungefly Fantasia pins at a reasonable price, so I added them to my collection... My collection is starting to look fairly respectable!