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  • Hi Stefanie,
    I'm trying to start a thread. I may have found two restaurants to have pin trading at once or twice a month. I need to find out how many people would be interested. One of the restaurants doesn't charge, we can order food. Meals start at $7.95. How do I start a thread.
    Hi Stef nice to see a familiar name.
    Hi Stef I see how the others posting have messed up things a bit, but with a little creativity we can get out of it. Just have Chessie go back and take the paper from Yuna that she wrote down her statement on. Reveal all the Japanese as a written statement instead. Then excuse the translater lady and Yuna as they have been through enough. gather the detectives ...share the info and then get everyone on their way back to the hotel.
    Basj's pin arrived . Package ready for post office as soon as they open . Now it finally is resolved plus I zapped him with a very nice LE WDW pin on card . Keeping fingers crossed that it gets there fast . Thanks for your help .
    Goodmorning Stef.... I am typing from my phone so excuse the mistakes. Info to keep the game going. As you and the others near the aquasphere u notice that the pool at the bottom of the sphere is not draining properly. Maintenance is trying to fix the problem but the drain is stopped up. U see them using pool cleaning nets to scoop out net after net of bright exotic feathers. Then u see a familiar beak.... Kevins. Stopping the crew u begin to investigate closer....most shocking is the fact that Kevin is legless. Also you ponder about the lack of blood at such a grisly scene....obvious the death did not occur here.As u know....spread out the info....include Scar at times.thanks.
    Aloha! I do have pins, but (it's a long story) I'm sorry but I'm not trading right now. It probably will be quite a few months before I start trading again, if not longer.
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