Oct 3, 2011
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New Jersey

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    1. SoraPandora
      Hi Dawny! Who are your favorite Disney characters?
    2. Connies_Hobby
      The Flower and Garden festival will be at WDW when I am visiting (I've always wanted to see it) and now another opportunity to celebrate BIRTHDAY's.....

      ...HELL YEAH.....is RIGHT! :rock:
    3. Connies_Hobby
      Hey Dawny....I just remembered, our birthdays are 24 hours apart.

      Woo hoo !!

      I think a belated birthday celebration is on our TO-DO list when I visit in May.
    4. pdgurl
      haaaaa sure,,,yes we are good friends,,i met her at a pin meet and we just clicked really well,,we have become very good friends,,she helped me with ur pin because I had no idea what to get u,,,,u have such a huge variety but thankful she helped me,,,she told me little aboutu and said "she our kind of people",,, :)
    5. disneypharmer
      I'm glad you got them :), I hope you like them.
    6. lucan444
      ok two weeks later no pm so I assume you don't need a favor?
    7. lucan444
      pm me here or FB, <breaks out his Brando voice> for you we can do a "favor", just remember one day I may ask you to do a favor for me?
    8. lucan444
      ok r u coming to Fl for end of the month?
    9. Lizard1515
      Your inbox is full! :) (hopefully you see this before your event) :anxious:

      would you do Rapunzel perfume for Marie perfume?

      And for for meeko would you do any of these?
      Pin 78550: DisneyStore.com - Nautical Series (Chip and Dale)
      Pin 71359: Disneystore.com - Sorcerer's Apprentice Series Chip & Dale
      Pin 64164: DisneyShopping.com - Villain Series Stepsisters Anastasia & Drizella Pin
      Pin 26750: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Pluto w/ Wreath

      Let me know if any of that works for you!
    10. Zagales14
      Lol... No way out!! I will be there in September!! I won't be going for the event, but I will be up there on a weekend AgentR is there. I need to get the exact date and let you know!! I'm also going to be there on the weekend of Oct. 25th with Handa, Tbird and Snoffsan. You should catch up with us there!!
    11. Zagales14
      Noooo!! Move it to the last weekend of May and I'm there.... I can't go the weekend of May 7th, as I have a work compromise on Saturday night that I cannot miss :(
    12. lucan444
      got your list ready?
    13. possum2x
      yes, I sent you two hidden mickey pins as a sorry for not following thru on the BT trade. Let me know if you need anymore hidden mickeys from here as I love to find them in the parks and I will trade you for the WDW ones.
    14. Lilytoby
      I'm so glad I was able to make it up to you! Thank you for being so understanding :)
    15. starry_solo
      you are supposed to send it to us. Ask her to post in the "What did you receive thread?"

    16. starry_solo
      Just a reminder to please PM your tracking number to your friendly neighborhood Secret Santa 2013 correspondent! Thank you!
    17. nsingleton
      I am so glad you liked it!!! :) I wish I could have sent you more than a card! :hug:
    18. nsingleton
      Thank you for thinking of me! :lol: What is coming out? I hope you have so much fun!!! :hsd:
    19. MMiano
      You're inbox is full just so you know. :)
    20. lucan444
      contact chris, puppysnuggler, for info on future CFPC dates, yes the 11th of Jan does sound about right, for the next trader event, but after your Cali adventures with Diablo and Docfishes, we lowly Fl types are liable to be a big let down, unless you get other visitors to participate,,,,

      now for the discussion of my fees........Muhahahahahah!!!!
    21. lucan444

      No mentiion of it anywhere I can find, my suggestion is bribe someone to call the Contempo and check personally, you dont believe everything you read on the internet do you?
      Welll, I got this gorgeous piece of prime real estate, a bridge in fact and in Manhattan, well one end is, and the other is in the 4th largest city in the USA, if it were a city by itself, in fact it was once owned by Donald Trump himself, Ill let you have it for a steal, and you know its an honest deal cuz we are on the web?????:naughty:
    22. lucan444
      will find out and let you know!!! Strange, WDW didnt call me first for approval? I wonder if they have forgotten Im the boss? Hmm time to go to Chef Mickeys in my Pluto suit again!!
    23. lucan444
      what are you talking about? Monorail was running fine just two weeks ago at F&W? Please either pm with newsclip or specify, cant even find anything on local news or net ?
      R U Yanking my crank?
    24. lucan444
      So xmas tours are starting to fill, planning on booking yours soon?
      Hurray or Sandy paws will just leave you coal...oh wait, you wanted coal? my bad
    25. docfish2u
      oh for crying out loud, empty your freakin box already.
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    i live 5 min from the ocean --love the beach but want to move to orlando within the next few years..I date the greatest guy and between us we have 6 kids and the last 2 are finishing HS--so i am getting the house ready to sell. WDW is my favorite place and we love to travel. Happy to pin trade.

    pin collecting