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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Of all releases, you definitely got the good one ;) I gave in and I'm getting a set from a friend for $150. Not a great price, but better than I can find on eBay and Facebook so I'm calling it a "good" price definitely ^_^ Funds are tight though, so much going out and not enough coming in haha Is the set amazing?!?!?!?
    Yes! I gotta have my noses right! I don't care what they do with his eyes, lips, hair, but HIS NOSE!!!! Better be on point! Also, yes, I don't know why more Birth by Sleep doesn't come out, I'm a fan of Aqua so I really am hoping they release something dealing with her and the rest of the cast! I'd buy it ;) I'm quite specific with my KH merchandise, but anything BbS just gets me...

    Did you have luck with the WiR release today?
    lol call it weird...but it's his nose for me o_O IDK if that's the reason for you, but I can't get past his nose. I'm totally fine with a good KH shirt though. If they ever made one for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep:

    lol Thank you so much! No, I did not see it (but I should start checking Shirt of the Day sites more often, if anything, just to see pretty art). I do like it (I'm assuming you mean the Kingdom Hearts one) but it's a bit off to me and right now, but I do love the idea. Thank you for notifying me haha I would have been sad to have missed out on seeing it :)

    This man should be illegal. :cry:

    What's Emma's problem?! :lol: I can't wait for the show to come back next month!
    no problem! I knew youd love it and im so glad you got him! assisting you kristoff collection is becoming a hobby xD
    I'm pretty torn when it comes to the pins. I liked the movie and as much as I'd like to collect them, I just do not have the time for another collection and WiR ranks over Frozen for me so I'm sticking with WiR. Now I would like to own some Frozen pins and I love to collect PTDs of characters I like that I wish I collected so I'm content with just trying for all the Frozen PTDs which will be a feat in and of itself I feel like <_<

    I saw Tangled pretty recently and that's actually my beef with Anna...she is Rapunzel :lol: From being kept up inside for too long to being adventurous, awkward, saying-it-like-it-is, and regretful, Anna was nearly an exact replica of Rapunzel with a few added tweaks. I get that the formula works so I cannot blame Disney for using it again, it's just irking me a little how she is so similar o_O So I'm definitely an Elsa fan.

    The Frozen songs do blow Tangled's out of the water (and I love some Tangled songs but all the Frozen songs were great)so I agree lol
    1) No pressure :lol:

    2) I only got the pleasure of seeing it once so far which I'm more than content with but now it just made me distraught over the pins. Do I want to collect it? Do I not? I mean, I thought the movie was fantastic (no WiR) but amazing in its own right. I definitely want all the PTDs but I'm so torn over the DSF release and I do NOT have the money to be spending right now given the dolls tonight, LM release tomorrow and Frozen DSF Friday -___- sigh...why Disney...why this week? So how'd you like the movie? In terms of everything? Better than Tangled? Anna or Elsa?
    2 things:

    1) Why is your siggy STILL not updated?!??!

    2) I have heard down the grapevine that you have seen Frozen and seeing as I just saw it yesterday, I'm not spastic and need to talk about it with somebody lol!!! ANYBODY!!!
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