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  • Hi Maya! Your inbox is full!

    Are you still doing custom shoes?

    How much would you charge for two pairs of girls shoes.... I'll hafta figure out the sizes later.

    I'd like to get them before Christmas, if possible... but if you can't, I understand.

    Please let me know!

    What?!!! OLAF PTD?!!! HOW DID I MISS IT? NOOOOOOO :cry:

    SEBASTIAN STAN?!!! HE'S LIKE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! You're so lucky! Is he as gorgeous in person as he is in film? :D

    DISNEY! I hope you have a great time! Make sure you meet Anna and Elsa and do the Mine Car Ride! I disney-bounded as Coronation Elsa when I went this month. It was a lot of fun :D
    Hey babe!

    It's been forever! How've you been? I haven't been on much lately :( This summer is going to be insane. We've got friends from the States visiting us right now, and they stay for 2 weeks, then we've got another family visiting us for another 2 weeks, then a week later we leave for a week in Italy, then a week after we get back, my mom and sis fly to FL to drop my sis off at college :cry:
    Any plans for you this summer?

    Are you trying to get those WDI Frozen pins?
    What's up? Frozen WDI pins? Yeah...right...not happening. LE200 and the first pin of a few of them. I'd like to try for Anna and Elsa but I know deep down it's just not worth it :p The set will hit $500 easy.
    Long time no speak, I haven't been on in awhile (swamped as usual). I just got my wisdom teeth ripped out so my mouth is the size of a jumbo pin <_< Truth be told, I've actually known about Lotte for months, just didn't know when she would drop so I'm above the moon that she's finally out and best of all, she looks great! 1/2 body PTDs are, in my opinion, better since they have more detail and are bigger in terms of the person so I'm ecstatic and think she turned out so well.

    I actually just got a Ralph today, had to make a trade for it but I got the Frozen Ticket pin with him for a DS.com so I'm happy with it ^_^ A great friend helped me out with that trade :) Yeah, he goes for a lot, but wait, he'll plummet. LE500 and he's not even the most popular character from the series (that would go to Vanellope and/or King Candy).
    Hey Maya! Long time no speak, it's been a whole week since I was on DPF and today is officially terrible...keep up with the PTD thread and you'll know why ;)
    I'm assuming there will be co-ops but I wouldn't participate since I need all 5 actually >_<
    *sigh* :( I know...and I didn't even get the 2 LE200 Camera chasers yet...and now I think these. I see $200 is the average price, I could trade some stuff, but $200 is a bit high for me right now >_<
    What time today? I'm in the bus now on my way home and as soon as I get home I can head out, so maybe I'll get there around 7pmish?
    If I'm correct, the fire scene is the hardest LM scene to get :lol: but it's the nicest!!!! So I understand why <_< If I could just find someone who was trading it I think I could make it happen, but the people on eBay wanting $400 is funny, no LM PODM is worth $400.
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