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  • Hey! Yeah, that was really bad <__< but Elsa is a plus. I'm currently trying to think of a way to get down to FL and pick up A LOT if possible <_< Elsa is selling for more than Anna (it seems she'll do $150-200 as opposed to Anna's $100-150).

    I'm trying to slow down the pin trading though as of late so nothing much is new :p
    No problem! I'm also really sorry because I have yet to send out your pin :cry: My mom and sis had to go back to the States almost a week early, but I will send yours out as soon as they get back!
    :lol: Did you go to the CJDPT event tonight? I wasn't there...sorry about my lack of responses. I'm trying to not be on DPF as much so I tend to get on, check stuff, and get off quick xD Nothing really new...I'm trying to sort stuff out, I've had so many packages get lost in the past week it's ridiculous. I'm trying to find them now so that's not fun <_<
    Hey! What's up :D Anything new????? How'd everything Frozen-go for you? Dolls arrived all right and everything?
    Ughhh, I know! It was crazy! I was online 45 minutes in advance for the dolls and still was too slow to get them :( I'll survive, though, and baby Sven will comfort me :lol:

    Wow! You use an iPhone?! The pictures are so good, especially the ones with your dolls in the snow!
    Yess! I have the 9" Olaf, and it is very nice. I heard that the Disney Store is getting more in stock soon!

    Your pictures are amazing, by the way! What kind of camera do you use?
    Yes I can do the shirt! I almost completely forgot, just let me know more about it and I can do it asap (I'm on Spring Break now). On that note, would you mind telling me what is on the Frozen shirt? Is it just the image on the front or is there a logo on the back or anywhere else?

    Also, I've only seen Wicked once but it was awesome. I know they're making a movie, but right now I don't have much faith in the movie at all. They're apparently trying to get Harry Styles to be Fiyero and that would be the worst casting I think they could possibly do. He may have the looks and the voice, but he has never acted before <_< at least acted well...

    On that note, I'm quite curious if there will be a surprise 17" Frozen doll released this Tuesday...I don't think so, but it would be cool.
    Hey Maya, sorry, been swamped lately @_@ So much to do and thanks! I sent that out maybe a week ago but I had been looking for it for the longest time. I was actually in talks for it when ironically I got zapped it...
    Have you ever been to WDW or DLR (or any other park)? It would be so cool if we could meet there or something, or even at one of the pin meets on the East Coast, because we tend to go back to the States to visit our family and friends in Maryland/Pennsylvania every few months or so. I think we'll end up going to WDW for my graduation, too, but that's still a time away...
    Wow, that's awesome! We were going to go see Wicked for my sister's graduation celebration, but we're going to WDW instead :D
    Also, is your wants list updated?
    HWAAAAA!!! YAY!!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited! I'll go close that thread, because Olaf is yours :) Also, I saw that you went to see Wicked! How was it? :D
    I don't have an instagram :(

    I can send you my email address and you could send me the pics, if you want, but that may be a lot of work on your part. I will go ahead and send it to you, but if it's too much work or you aren't able to send them then don't worry about it.
    If you mean Pin 80965: DLP - Rapunzel, then I already have it, I just forgot to take it off the wants list :facepalm: Sorry!
    But, if they have the baby Sven plush in NY, then I would LOVE that!! If they don't have the baby Sven, then I would like the "regular" Sven plush, too. (Not both, just one or the other) I'm not really sure what else they have because the online store seems pretty depleted.
    If they don't have either of those, let me know, and I'm sure we can work something else out!

    I hope you have fun in New York!
    Oh...I was wrong lol xD It IS in May :lol: Sorry, I guess I need to lay off on the coccaine and hard drugs (I'm kidding I'M KIDDING...I'M KIDDING, DON'T DO THAT!!! IT'S BAD FOR YOU!!!!)

    On that note, how do you feel about the RC Couples today? I managed to snatch an Ariel for $25 on eBay before they sold out on pancakes in a barbecue joint in the middle of July on a hot day (in other words, really fast). Any in the set you want a lot? Besides Rapunzel and Ariel I'm guessing...
    lol You going to any of the CJDPT events soon? I know there is 1 on the 21st and then we have TTYF coming up in April :)
    Okay okay haha at least I know why your's looks different than mine :p Also, nope, nothing new on my front? What about you? I did get another LM pin though which was NOT on my Wants -__- I keep doing this :lol:
    Wow! Whoever sent you that Eric is a really awesome person ;) Jk I could be hallucinating, but I swear your Ariel looks better than mine <_< I think it's the way the hair hangs over her shoulder, I love the way they look in the box (it's the background). Now you have them all! YAY!!!!!
    Yup, it won both :p But I don't think anyone is shocked...let's be honest, this year it had NO competition WHATSOEVER! It was gonna clean sweep the competition haha xD
    Now I'm confused...I thought UPS and USPS were the same...maybe I'm wrong. IDK @_@ and yes...you can get ready but since it's supposed to snow tomorrow, something tells me it's gonna be in my post office for a few more days -__-
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