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  • Yay! Here is a like to a thread I made:http://disneypinforum.com/showthread.php?28074-Can-anyone-help-me-with-a-new-signature
    I really like this picture, as well. :)
    Yesss I'd love to make you another one!! :) PM me with everything you want in it!
    Hi!!! Thank you so much for nominating me for the pin giveaway!! Would yo be willing to make me a tangled signature? I'd like to switch off between that and the one you already made me. :)
    Hey there, how is our secret project coming? Have not seen or heard anything and i wanted to ask...but waiting patiently?
    I'm super glad you like it! I saw that you had a lot of alice so I thought it would fit. :)
    hi, i got the PIF today and i thnak you! First i collect alice in wonderland-- second, i didnt have that one believe it or not! great pif....leaving feedback
    That how I am with the Dalmations..I think...idk D: I have just been ordering tons of Dalmatian pins lately sooo at the moment it is 101 Dalmations xD
    that's cool! :) well right now I only really collect the little mermaid but want to collect many other things(NBC , tarzan , the new alice in wonderland , cars , donald , etc... :p )
    I am mostly going to collect 101 Dalmations :D And The Lion King, stitch, aristocats, and other random pins I like:3 hbu???
    Yes you are doing fine :lol: so what do you collect? ( I like your profile picture btw ;) )
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